What in the World! is a phrase that we often hear from our elders. They always know best right? Or do they?

Facebook has been losing the Younger Generation for a while now and if it is to be believed, it is now being taken over by the mom's and pops of the world, not to mention the blue rinse brigade of grandparents. Shock! Horror! Yes, the older generation is catching up with technology and are no longer saying hello into the remote for the TV but really moving into the Facebook age. Facebook, once the epitome of cool is being taken over with photos of grandchildren and kittens instead of the latest photos of Justin Beiber.

Is your grandmother really checking in from the bingo club? Did Granda just post a picture of a spam sandwich? What in the World!

A world without Facebook, what?

Yes really, no constant updates or what you are having for lunch at a cool restaurant, that you just have to let all and sundry know, that you are there. Imagine having a real-life conversation instead of scrolling down. Can the so-called decline of Facebook among the younger generation be a bad thing? Yes, there are other alternatives to vent your teenage angst but maybe the art of conversation can make a comeback. Imagine telling people that you like their profile pic in person rather than clicking the like button. Try telling your friend that you don't like their new hairstyle in the absence of a dislike button.

You will feel better, though your friend may not. Probably better not to tell them after all.

It's not difficult, really, it's happening all over the world!

Now the older generation for years has been saying "put that phone down and talk." Maybe they did know what's best after all. Let's get back to making conversation as it may really be happening again.

People are stopping albeit slowly, to be slaves to their phones or other forms of Social media. People are slowly understanding that they can take a step back and enjoy a conversation once more.

The irony of it all is that after years of telling teenagers to stop using their phones it seems that the older generation has given up.

They have now jumped on the bandwagon and are using Facebook in greater numbers than ever before. Now here's a thought - what if the time will come when we have to tell Granny, "stop posting pics of your dinner!" Imagine that! Or what a scenario that would be when the day arrives that we have to tell our parents and grandparents to "stop playing games, put the phone down and chat!"

What in the world!