Donald Trump will have known that when he announced the moving of the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem it would cause outrage. Trump a man it seems who is thin-skinned and yet at the same time doesn't care what anyone thinks about him.

Trump, it seems though has been launching a charm offensive to say the Israeli - Palestinian peace deal is not dead. It seems though the Palestinians, the Pope and countries around the world are not convinced of Trump's assertions.

The UK for one is not moving its embassy to Jerusalem neither will other western nations like Germany and France.

Protests, as was expected, have broken out on the Gaza Strip and West Bank with 22 people being wounded.

Holding Trump's feet to the fire

Donald Trump during his election campaign made many promises to his devoted followers. Like building a wall to keep Mexicans out and banning Muslims from entering the US. Many of the people who put Trump in office are now expecting him to deliver on his promises.

The ban on Muslims from certain countries after long debates, delays and squabbling is finally law. Whether his wall sees the light of the day is another thing and as for making America great again and creating jobs, the jury is still out on that one.

Recognising Jerusalem as the capital of Israel was one of Trump's other promises and it seems he has delivered on this.

Many Presidents before thought about doing this but held back at the last moment for fear of worldwide anger.

Trumps supporters

Trumps supporters come from a wide range of backgrounds and yes ethnicities too. They are ordinary out of work Americans in the rust belt of billionaire Republican donors and far-right evangelicals.

Many of these followers of Trump's policies are indeed from the large fringe of far-right evangelical Christians regardless of socio-economic background. The religious right is a strong lobbying group as are Jewish groups.

To them having Jerusalem as the Capital Of Israel is fulfilling a Biblical prophecy about the return of Jesus.

The surprising thing is though only 16% of Jewish Americans supported the moving of the US embassy to Jerusalem. A poll was taken in September saying 63% of all Americans did not agree with the moving of the US embassy to Jerusalem by American Jewish Opinion.

Will Trump now try and bring the two sides together in the years-long conflict between Israelis and Palestinians. This has been hinted at however the proof, as they say, will be in the pudding.

Meanwhile, a Christian leader who is certainly no Zionist Desmond Tutu has said: "God is weeping".