After the retweeting of the Britain First videos showing Muslims attacking a disabled Dutch boy and other alleged horrors, Labour MP's went on the offensive. To get John Bercow to make Home Secretary Amber Rudd and Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson make statements on the issue.

Yvette Cooper and Stephen Doughty raised a point of order in the House of Commons to make sure Ms Rudd and Mr Johnson would stand up and condemn Trump and his Britain First postings. However, when push came to shove Amber Rudd did not stand up and would not be drawn on the issue.

Meanwhile on a tour of the Middle East Theresa May stood at a podium roundly condemning Donald Trump. When asked by a reporter did this alter the relationship between the UK and US May replied even friends have differences of opinion?

Should Trump still come to the UK?

There is a growing movement from MP's of all colours to take back the invitation May made to Trump when she visited the White House. That movement also encompasses people from outside of Parliament and a little while ago there was even a petition on the Parliamentary website saying Trump should not come to the UK.

Not everyone, however, is against Trump visiting the UK. For example, Nigel Farage and the rest of UK feel that the current occupant of the White House they have a bosom buddy.

New UKIP leader Henry Bolton on BBC1's 'Question Time' said Trump retweeting the Britain First videos was wrong but would say no more. No doubt when Trump does arrive in the UK at some point as he must security will be tight.

Trump's enemies will be out to get him one way or another and both British and American security forces will know this and be out in force.

There are arguments for Trump to come to the UK and not and whichever political side of the fence you sit that is how you will judge it.

Trump doesn't care!

Donald Trump responded to Theresa May on Twitter when she rebuked him basically saying don't point the finger at me get your own house in order. Whether Trump knew what he was doing when he retweeted those Britain First videos is up for debate.

On the one hand, some have described Donald Trump as being thin-skinned when he takes to Twitter and responds to insults or statements about him. It seems though The Donald doesn't care what people think about him or what he believes.

Whether you like it or not Donald Trump is the democratically elected head of state of the USA. People voted for him because they saw him as straight talking and against the establishment of Washington.

Trump has been called the Punk politician because he shocks everyone in this prudish politically correct age.

Even Punk stalwart John Lydon raised a glass to Trump also giving him this monicker.

It seems every President since Geroge W Bush and Barack Obama has been loved and hated by those for and against them. But it seems no one divides people and their opinions like Donald John Trump.