For many years, the Labour Party has had a monopoly over compassion in politics. In recent years, their image as the party of the working class has been altered. Labour politicians have originated from Oxbridge backgrounds as much as typical Conservative politicians have. Labour politicians' distance from working class voters as a result of Brexit is gradually increasing, but that is not the only reason why this party is alienating its core vote.

"Labour's image is being increasingly tarnished by its left-hard activists"

The confrontation between a Question Time audience member and Rebecca Long-Bailey this week further demonstrated how out-of-touch the Labour Party and, to a certain extent, distinct elements of the Conservative Party, are becoming with voters.

Labour's image is being increasingly tarnished by its hard-left activists, who are also giving politics a bad image too. They have broken Labour's monopoly over compassion in politics, though it is questionable whether they ever had that monopoly in the first place.

Labour has earned its political reputation from claiming to be the party that cares about the NHS, schools and the poor. But Trotskyist activists that have occupied the Labour Party through Momentum have shattered the party's compassionate image. Jeremy Corbyn once promised a 'kinder, gentler politics', but that motto has become as laughable as the Conservative Party's "strong and stable" slogan from this year's general election.

"They are diluting the quality of our politics"

Guido Fawkes brilliantly exposed Labour activist Peter Ward's vile comments which proposed bombing an annual Conservative dinner. The list of antics are getting worse. Over the weekend, The Daily Mail reported Momentum activists are hoping a Tory MP's wife loses their baby through pregnancy.

Earlier this year, Sheffield Hallam MP Jared O'Mara was caught making derogatory comments. If these are the types of people Labour are promoting in their ranks, they are diluting the quality of our future politicians.

The Labour Party should be deeply concerned about its future right now. If these people continue to occupy Labour ranks, then there are only more stories to come. But how much press exposure does a party need to change its direction? With Labour at the moment, it wouldn't matter as they continually ignore outside criticism.