What Momentum has already done to the Labour Party is dangerous, even though they have plenty of 'momentum' for their Trotskyist organisation on their side. With the Conservative Party failing to establish a sensible alternative to this popular movement, for now it is looking likely this group will propel Jeremy Corbyn to power after a better-than-expected general election performance this year.

"Our democracy is being further diluted"

Boasting a membership base of 31,000, the Young Conservatives could only dream of having numbers like this. Their influence over Labour is staggering.

Take the election of Jared O'Mara in Sheffield Hallam this year. Any party wishes they could brag they scooped Nick Clegg's former seat after his dreadful leadership of the Liberal Democrats in 2007-15, but the people of his former constituency would be more fortunate to have the former Liberal Democrat leader representing them. Mr O'Mara's past comments were reported by media outlets for weeks last month, but if this is the sort of caliber Momentum is forcing upon local Labour groups, our democracy is being further diluted.

It is not just their candidates that lack substance, but their ideas too. What they are proposing in Bristol would take the UK back to the 1970s. Trebling council tax for Band H properties to £10,000-a-year is only likely to force these property-owners to flee to neighbouring districts where they would pay substantially less council tax.

It is a counter-productive proposal that would fail to generate the revenue Momentum desires. This measure, alongside their other crazy ideas like raising parking costs, introducing a congestion charge and a tourism tax, would transform Britain into a socialist haven, as opposed to a tax haven. The UK must be heading towards the latter destination if this nation is to thrive post-Brexit and a Corbyn government being elected so soon after leaving the EU is the worst prospect for an independent nation.

"It is their hypocrisy that sets a bad precedent for our democracy too"

Alongside their policies and poor candidates, it is their hypocrisy that sets a bad precedent for our democracy too. Guido Fawkes disclosed that Labour has failed to pay any tax on their new headquarters. It is as if it is alright for everyone to pay high taxes, but it is fine for the Labour Party to not pay any.

For these reasons, Momentum must be stopped. Given the stranglehold they now have over Britain's second largest party, it is likely that in the near future, Her Majesty's Opposition will remain a Marxist party.