The Palestinian-ISRAELI CONFLICT is something that has underlying issues dating back 3000 years to the Israelites and Philistines, but the recent conflict is a direct consequence of the Balfour Declaration and its implementation. Since Israel was created by the UN, it has slowly annexed land from the Palestinian people and slowly reduced the rights of those Palestinians living within Israeli territory. Furthermore, Israel have sustained a military campaign against Palestine with the help from the west, through weapons supplies and funding.

Jeremy Corbyn has been a notable voice of reason against the Israeli government and occupation of Palestinian territory.

Especially as Israel are facing an investigation for war crimes, along with Hamas although the latter is on a much smaller scale.

Finding a solution for peace

There is no definitive solution to how peace can be achieved within the region and certainly long-term peace is something that is almost impossible now, especially since Donald Trump stirred tensions by officially recognising Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, subsequently the Arab league officially recognised East Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine, a notion rejected by Netanyahu and Israel. What could be done to ease tensions and eventually give a chance for a peaceful solution?

Jeremy Corbyn this week stated that he does not support a blanket ban of Israeli products and he is right not to because we must buy certain products from Israel.

However, the plan for peace in the region encompasses several aspects of what Jeremy Corbyn has said and other ideas. What should be done is a complete boycott of illegal Israeli settlements and universities researching drones, Taser weapons along with surveillance of the occupation in Gaza and elsewhere. Plus, as Jeremy Corbyn suggested, imposing a two-way arms embargo on Israel.

Other important aspects are recognising Benjamin Netanyahu and the Likud Party as a terrorist organisation, begin proceedings of a political removal of him through the UN. Begin talks with moderates from both sides to set up a caretaker government and give all the land taken illegally from the Palestinians since 1967. The next step would be to declare Jerusalem as an independent principality and begin proceedings to create a council, with members from each faith administrating the newly founded principality because historically speaking, it never belonged to either the Jewish, Christians or Muslim peoples from the very beginning.