Since the election of Jeremy Corbyn as Labour Leader, Momentum has placed a gun at the heart of the Labour Party. The Independent reported on Saturday that the far-left group has pledged to support candidates who back its aims and values through an oath of loyalty. Considering the vast resources and members the group has, it is impossible for would-be Labour MPs to refuse the help Momentum can provide them with.

"It is a purge"

This oath of allegiance is not only an agreement that the pro-Corbyn group will provide assistance to those who support the Labour Leader's vision of the country; it is a purge of those who do not.

How can moderate Labour MPs like Yvette Cooper and Caroline Flint access Momentum's bank of activists unless they sign up to the organisation's values? To receive such support would provide Labour candidates with substantial support that none of the other parties can match for now, even if it comes at a price. But how many Labour members can honestly say they support Momentum's vision? Without Momentum-backing, moderate Labour candidates are at a huge disadvantage. If they won't be ousted by pro-Corbyn members, the electorate may remove them instead. Either way, those who do not share Mr. Corbyn's views lose in the long-term.

"He has created a new kind of politics"

Mr. Corbyn has been true to his word in one aspect; he has created a new kind of politics.

But it is not one which provides much hope for British democracy. With ideas that would end capitalism and an operation that has infiltrated democracy without the need for a revolution, they have achieved what their socialist predecessors did not in the past. What they are planning will make New Labour MPs politically homeless.

They will hijack the Labour Party. It will not be long before they reverse all the steps Neil Kinnock, John Smith and Tony Blair took to moderate this party. Clause IV may be reintroduced and the trade unions' grip over Labour may strengthen. The long-term prospects for moderate socialism are dire.

Mr. Corbyn and Momentum do not care though.

They know those millennials they are appealing to do not remember the Soviet Union. They know this generation is angry they do not have the same opportunities as their parents because of a recession the Labour Leader is blaming on the neo-liberalism that made the latter wealthy in the first place. It is a culture of envy they are breeding.

Marxism is the most evil ideology ever created. It is a philosophy of failure. Thanks to a few Labour MPs who felt sorry for Mr. Corbyn, a failed socialist has now become the most powerful man on the left of British politics. The Labour Leader's re-election last year proved how unstoppable he is. He is a poisonous cancer that will not go away in the near future.

Tory policies must combat this dogma, otherwise capitalism will be consigned to the dustbin of history. And if that happens, to echo The Sun's words in 1992, would the last person leaving Britain please remember to turn off the lights?