As Donald Trump cracks on with the job of 'making America great again', celebrities spent their time at this year's Grammys focussing on undermining the President. From wasting music's biggest event of the year by supporting the pointless #MeToo movement to allowing Hillary Clinton to read excerpts from Fire and Fury, these nobodies have only served one purpose: to infuriate Trump's core support base further.

"These reasons alone are enough to exclude celebrities from Donald Trump's State of Union Address; they did not deserve to be there"

These celebrities fail to comprehend why they are so despised by the people who lifted the current United States President to power.

Jay Z claimed at the Grammys President Trump has done nothing to assist black people, even though black unemployment is at its lowest level ever. The rap star makes derogatory references to women and is still hailed as a hero of the liberal-left, alongside his wife, Beyonce. Not once did they criticise their buddy Barack Obama's failure to raise black employment to the levels never witnessed before under the current President. Of course, liberal celebrities and politicians are exempt from each other's criticism. These reasons alone are enough to exclude celebrities from Donald Trump's State of Union Address; they did not deserve to be there.

However, the mainstream media will never praise President Trump's decision to invite respected veterans and philanthropists.

Instead, they will concentrate on humiliating the President by providing Mrs Clinton air time to read meaningless excerpts from Fire and Fury, the controversial book which supposedly reveals what life inside Donald Trump's White House is like.

This is why the President is right to keep tweeting and holding campaign rallies, and even accept invitations to be interviewed by journalists he has time for, like Piers Morgan.

This is what matters most to his voters. If they listened to everything the media reported on Donald Trump, he will stand no chance of getting re-elected in 2020.

Choices the President makes, like inviting veterans to his State of Union Address, deserve to be reported on more widely by the press. Substance ultimately matters more than style, and his predecessor flaunted too much in the latter.

You would never see Barack Obama invite so many real heroes to these events.

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