After succeeding Jo Cox as the Labour MP for the Batley and Spen constituency following her assassination in June 2016, Tracy Brabin has attempted to maintain her predecessor's image of compassionate politics. Ms Brabin has been an outspoken critic of "harsh" Conservative policies. For example, since occupying the role of Shadow Minister for Early Years, she has condemned the Tories' social mobility plan because, according to her, she believes it excludes disabled children from 30 hours of free childcare.

"She presents herself as your typical compassionate, caring Labour politician"

She has also criticised the Government's record on homelessness and universal credit. In regard to Donald Trump's travel ban, she immediately offered to consult constituents who might be affected by it, jumping on a bandwagon. She presents herself as your typical compassionate, caring Labour politician. She would be the perfect cheerleader for Jeremy Corbyn's "kinder, gentler politics" and a successor to Jo Cox's legacy.

However, since an activist from her Labour association, Peter Ward, was exposed by Guido Fawkes for suggesting the Dewsbury County Conservative Association's annual dinner at the National Coal Museum should be bombed, she failed to publicly condemn her activist.

Instead, she tweeted his own public apology on the issue. She is happy to criticise Donald Trump and the Tories, but when it comes to the vile comments of members of her own party, it is clear her rules do not apply to them.

"There was no offer to compensate the Dewsbury Tories for having their Christmas ruined"

Ms Brabin also bragged on Twitter that her Labour association had a wonderful Christmas event, whereas the Dewsbury County Conservatives had to cancel theirs for security reasons as a result of Mr.

Ward's Facebook status. There was no offer to compensate the Dewsbury Tories for having their Christmas ruined, even though Ms Brabin more than likely has the capital to do that. Is this the kind of legacy Ms Cox wanted to leave behind in Batley and Spen?

Tracy Brabin is your typical hypocritical Labour politician who fails to enhance the 'kinder, gentler' politics Mr.

Corbyn preaches. She does not deserve to serve in her office and she should have condemned Mr. Ward for writing such a bad joke on his Facebook profile. If she can call out Donald Trump, why not her own activists as well?