The sight of 16-year-old Palestinian girl Ahed Tamimi standing up to Israeli soldiers two weeks ago has gone viral. The girl slapped and ranted at two IDF men (Israeli Defence Force) who trespassed on her property. Her brother Nariman Tamimi was also arrested in a dawn raid on suspicion of rallying resistance to IDF forces.

This is not the first time Ahed Tamimi has got herself into trouble with Israeli soldiers. A few years ago she famously bit the hand of an Israeli soldier when the soldier became involved in a scuffle with Palestinian protesters.

The Israeli soldier on this occasion did not respond to the teenager's slaps and probably in the circumstances acted professionally in not striking back at a young girl. This stance by the soldier concerned has won him praise and condemnation in equal amounts.

Weekly protests occur in Ahed Tamimi's home village Nabi Saleh by Palestinians against the Israeli Occupation. Yesterday at a military court Ahed Tamimi appeared in handcuffs to await possible charges of assault and insult on IDF forces.

Brave Ahed Tamimi

Ahed Tamimi is becoming a symbol of resistance for her people. A young Palestinian girl of 16 years of age confronting armed Israeli soldiers on the West Bank is an inspiration to her people.

Her image along with other Palestinian heroes of the struggle is seen everywhere from flags to drawings on the barrier wall.

In many ways, this girl's actions reflect that of Pakistani girl Malala Yousafi who refused to be silenced by the Taliban. Yet for some reason, the brave antics of this girl do not seem to be carried by the main news outlets.

It is possible as this girl grows up living under Israeli settlement policy she may become an important political leader in the struggle against occupation. She may seek office in the Palestinian capital of Ramallah. She may become a powerful figure both for the Palestinian cause and for Palestinian womanhood. Again echoing the work of Malala Yousafai.

All this, however, is speculation. For now, she is doing enough to keep the world's attention on the plight of her people.

Does Palestine exist?

Some would argue that Palestine as an independent nation has never existed in world history. They may be right and certainly, Zionist Christians use this as a weapon against Palestinian self-government.

The land was called Palestine by the Romans and then much later by the British when they tried to keep the peace between Arabs and Jews.

The Arab people who do not wish to be part of Israel have the right to self-determination just as the Jews did with Israel. If they wish to call themselves Palestinians in their struggle then I for one will not condemn them.