There are around 130 universities in the UK. Among them, you can find a wide range of teaching, studying schedules, number of students and so on. And from those universities, I chose Aberystwyth University in Wales and now I'm studying Internet Computing and Systems Administration. Below I present my three main reasons why I chose Aberystwyth.

It's quite the good university!

I was a good pupil in my primary school, junior High School and high school, but I wasn't an outstanding student. So I was aware that I had had no chance at getting into Cambridge or Oxford.

I was looking for a university good at teaching IT subjects. I considered different options including a few universities in London, University of Bedfordshire and others. Who doesn't want to live in London? Who decides to not Study near his family in Luton? The answer 'you' is quite logical, but it isn't completely true. I searched for the best possible university for me. Aberystwyth University isn't ranked that high, it has about a 60th general score in the UK and about 30th in IT courses. But it has a high position in the ranking of the students' satisfaction and teaching quality. It also has high bursaries and scholarship. All of this is important for me and it was a decisive essential factor.

I met an alumnus of this university in Poland...

...and it was a great meeting! It was the first time when I heard about student life in Aberystwyth. This kind of information is worthwhile for potential future students ( that it is why universities organise a meeting with students during their open days). I think people always feel more familiar with places which are known by their friends.

This person has set up a company and is successful. For me, that was a great plus for Aberystwyth. Moreover, my friend helped me with the recruitment process to be an Aberystwyth student.

It is a town by the seaside

It wasn't the most important factor but I like being in places by the seaside. Aberystwyth is a beautiful city which has a lot of interesting areas to visit.

Everyone knows London, Birmingham, Manchester, Cardiff and other famous places in the UK, but who knows the seaside towns in Wales? When I was considering these places online this was the most attractive. You only have to look at the photos of Aberystwyth.

I do not claim the best university around the world is in Aberystwyth, however, this article shows how I made that choice. Studying at Aberystwyth University isn't so easy, it is difficult to find work here to support myself while studying. There is no the airport, big shopping centres etc. But I researched it well and it is my choice!