No one said leaving the EU was going to be easy. The Government's performance in the Brexit negotiations has been criticised across all media platforms, including Blasting News. But if LSE academic Simeon Djankov's Brexit Readiness Scores are to be taken literally, there is still a lot to be optimistic about.

"The Government has made rapid progress in these areas"

Brexit began badly following this year's general election. With the DUP propping up a minority Conservative administration, leaving the EU seemed doomed. Progress in the talks have been stifled by the size of the divorce bill, the Irish border and EU citizens' rights.

In regards to the latter issues, Mr. Djankov has demonstrated the Government has made rapid achievements in these areas. The mainstream media has failed to praise the Prime Minister's efforts in securing the UK's continued cooperation in the Erasmus programme post-Brexit.

Mr. Djankov's Brexit Readiness Scores show the Government is gradually making progress on ensuring London's status as a financial magnet is protected once Britain leaves the EU too.

There are many components the UK and the EU must proceed with making strides in, like the European Court of Justice's jurisdiction over EU citizens until 2029, despite the Prime Minister's request this ends following April 2019. Britain's participation in European science programmes seems uncertain, but this cannot be resolved until the second phase of negotiations commence.

"The Conservatives are completing Brexit, while Labour implodes over the process"

There is adequate time left for the Government to ensure an orderly Brexit is completed, but Mr. Djankov's scores prove substantial progress has been made in these negotiations since September. The Conservatives are completing Brexit, while Labour implodes over the process.

70 Labour councillors have written to the party's leadership, requesting a change in policy position. Labour has failed to provide an adequate response to the open letter, showing they cannot commit to a single Brexit policy because of how contentious this process is for the party. Labour cannot be trusted with leaving the EU.

As long as the Tories remain in power, they must ensure the opposition is never elected to manage Britain's EU exit. Conservative divisions over Brexit have played into Brussels' hands enough. An incoherent policy from a Labour government intent on retaining our Single Market and Customs Union membership whilst publicly advocating a hard Brexit would leave this nation at a disadvantage.

This is the Government's opportunity to play on Labour divisions and deliver the Brexit most voters want now, instead of allowing a Marxist administration to ruin it.