Yesterday in the Sunday Times an article appeared which will be more bad news for theresa May. Apparently, 40 Conservative MP's are prepared to sign a letter asking her to step down. The MP's say the Prime Minister is held hostage by two members of her cabinet in her dealings with Brexit.

A leaked letter from Boris Johnson and Michael Gove reveals that Theresa May is being told how to negotiate Brexit. The letter also takes aim at remainers like Chancellor Philip Hammond and others of this view in her cabinet.

The reaction of the PLC (Parliamentary Conservative Party) appears to be mixed with some saying they know about it while others seem not to.

The 40 MP's on their own are not enough to enact a leadership challenge to the Prime Minister as the letter needs 8 more signatories. With two key cabinet members resigning Priti Patel and Michael Fallon this will no doubt come as another headache for Theresa May.

Why does Theresa May hang on?

The question has to be asked whats in it for Theresa May to keep putting herself and the British people through misery after misery. Since the general election, everything that could go wrong for the Prime Minister has gone wrong.

Is this woman a glutton for punishment, is she some kind of martyr or is it she feels she has to steer the nation through Brexit. With the European Union giving us two weeks to sort ourselves out she may not have to worry about leading us out of the EU.

The shambles that are the current Brexit negotiations could see the UK leaving the EU in 2019 without any deal trade or otherwise.

Everything started out so rosy for Theresa May but somehow somewhere it has all gone horribly wrong. In her heart of hearts, she must know she is on borrowed time but within Theresa May there does seem still a steely determination to get on with the job.

Perhaps it has something to do with her upbringing as a vicars daughter as Gordon Brown touched on himself brought up in similar surroundings.

Many have speculated she could be in denial about her predicament acting like the 2017 general election never happened. Like it was some figment of her imagination but seriously Theresa May and her collapsing government are in a lot of trouble what with one thing and another.

Corbyn weighs in

Sometimes you have to wonder does Jeremy Corbyn feel like Oliver Cromwell when Cromwell dismissed the Rump Parliament in 1653. The words Cromwell used "let us have done with you in the name of God, go" could easily be used by Corbyn against Theresa May and her directionless government.

Corbyn and Cromwell have some things in common, however, unlike Cromwell, Corbyn does not have the power to dismiss the government.

However, in a statement, he did say something along the lines of Cromwell's famous quote saying "Govern or go". I think Mrs May in her current circumstances would do well to study the situation in 1653 and her own now.