I recently wrote an article stressing the importance of proving guilt before delivering punishments within the British justice system. Today I have to focus on the need, when that proof is clear, to deliver justice that is seen to be within the bounds of reason and not warped to allow truly evil people to get away with murder (sometimes literally), make fools of everyone and deliver more torment to the real victims. To do this, I must bring into view three people that it is nauseating to even contemplate, so I apologise in advance and advise you to gird your loins, this will make your blood pressure rise.

The sex pest attacker

First is a nondescript toerag called Hasan Alkhabbaz, a 22-year-old Syrian refugee, who repays the ridiculous kindness of this country with sex attacks on six women in three subways located in Paddington, London, between November last year and March of this year. This charmer's offences escalated on each attack from initially grabbing a victims bottom from behind, frightening and demeaning enough for a woman alone in a subway, to more aggressive, sustained and intimate attacks, with the last victim blaming the assault on the subsequent break up of her relationship.

Hasan had his excuses to hand of course. He was traumatised from seeing his sister killed in a bomb attack.

Sadly for him, he was examined by psychiatrists who found nothing to be wrong with him and the court heard he derived sexual pleasure from the horrified faces of the victims. His punishment; sixteen months jail (out in eight months) and a sexual harm prevention order! This man is a growing menace but there was no order to deport him straight after his release.


The repeatedly violent thug

Yes, indeed, but it gets far worse. Step forward Somali serial violent thug and illegal immigrant Abdulrahman Mohammed. This hateful creature is a serious prolific offender, jailed more than a dozen times for endearing behaviour including burglary, knife possession, robbery, and of course multiple assaults.

Mohammed has been the subject of a deportation order since January 2008 but the imbecilic European Court of Human Rights (yes we all knew they would crop up somewhere) ordered the UK not to deport him until further notice. The arrogance of those bureaucrats!

Having no other choice authorities detained this wretch for 445 days while they fought to kick him out. We the public then provide him with funding to bring a case of wrongful imprisonment and our own High Court (taking a leaf out of the Human Rights Court jackasses book) decide we must pay this robbing thug £78,500 of our money. Pay an illegal immigrant with 15 years worth of serious, violent offending nearly eighty thousand pounds because we had to detain him as, to comply with Human Rights laws we could not kick him out!

Insanity! It surely can't get any worse. Can it?

The Monster

Well, sadly it can, significantly worse. In 2013 one of the most loathsome, nihilistic acts of terrorism was committed by Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale. They drove a car into off-duty soldier Lee Rigby, then while he was lying helpless on the floor, tried to sever his head. Adebolajo was seen on television, his hands dripping blood, ranting nonsense about being a soldier of Allah with a meat cleaver in his hand. If a poll had been taken of the UK population about whether this man should be executed it would have resulted in a massive majority wanting him gone. We would all at least have hoped that we would see no more of the murderer.

We would like to assume he was going to be thrown into a dungeon on bread and water with perhaps a thin slice of mouldy cheese on a Sunday, for the remainder of his wicked life. Perhaps kept in solitary confinement, perhaps with his brain dead accomplice. But no, after paying about £190 thousand for legal aid for his conviction and then appeal the conviction, we find he is now suing for £25,000 damages for an alleged assault by prison guards who were trying to subdue the nutter. A judge says we should fund his legal case at a cost of up to £100 thousand. The alternative apparently is to let him defend himself, allowing him more publicity and an opportunity to cross-question witnesses. All this for one of the most evil men in the country who continues to maintain he is a soldier of Allah at war with us all and diligently goes about recruiting other naive idiots imprisoned with him, to also try and murder us.

The requirements of natural justice

Justice must be careful to protect people who are vulnerable, have made misjudgements and those innocent of the crimes they are accused of. But it must also ensure it has the support of the people in the country who have to fund and uphold it. Allowing the clearly stupid manipulation of the system to ensure that people who have certainly committed some of the worst offences possible can avoid punishment and indeed claim money from the people they have affronted will not be sustainable in the long run.

Claims about Human Rights, publicly funded legal aid and that only God has the right to punish will not cut the mustard. Democracy demands the will of the majority is respected and followed.

People like Nick Clegg and Jean Claude Juncker believe they know better than the plebs and they will do as they wish - so increasingly do many senior judges. In the end they are wrong. Keep flouting what the majority of people as well as natural justice clearly demands and chaos will rule. There are signs of it already all through Europe.

Stop these criminals making a mockery of our justice system and stop it now!