Roy Moore was the Chief Justice of the Alabama High Court twice and on both occasions, was removed. He was removed because firstly, he had refused to shift an inscription of the Ten Commandments from the high court premises and secondly, he had gone against a verdict favouring same-sex marriages.

Moore is 70 and extremely fit. He came riding on a horse to cast his vote in the primaries and also pulled out a gun as part of his campaign during one of his rallies. Moore defeated Doug Jones, the candidate supported by Donald Trump and Mike Pence, who even made an appearance to shore up support for Jones.

This is reported by Newsweek.

Moore marches ahead

After his victory in the primaries, allegations of sexual misconduct dating 40 years back have surfaced. It’s a bit of a surprise that allegations have surfaced now after decades when Moore is contesting for the Senate seat vacated by Jeff Sessions, who is now the Attorney General of the United States.Donald Trump has chipped in with his opinion, that in case the allegations are true, Moore must withdraw from the election. In any case, he is not happy that Moore will enter Congress.


What are the allegations? Three women have stated that Moore took advantage of them when they were young. But this happened decades back and Moore has a point when he says that the allegations are politically motivated.

Perhaps they are. The Democrats have really no base to stand on against Moore, as they allowed President Clinton to get away with his amorous encounters in the Oval office and survive the impeachment process.

Moore has support

Moore has his supporters and that includes the far-right. Some Republican state officials have used incidents from the Bible to defend Moore.

Alabama State auditor Jim Ziegler has gone on record and stated Joseph and Mary had a child though he was much older to her. This is reported by the Washington Examiner. The relationship of Zechariah who was very old and a much younger Elizabeth is also brought out.Their union led to the birth of John the Baptist. Many feel that the acts of Moore are not immoral, except a little unusual.The website Breitbart known for its far-right views has supported Moore.

Many support the bid of the Ex-Chief Justice for want of a better option. Moore is likely to win the Senate seat.

The allegations against Moore has caught the attention of the nation, especially after the Weinstein saga became public knowledge. The ball is now in Moore's court.