So much focus of discussion regarding the EU relates, not unnaturally, to the issue of whether it will be financially in the best interest of the UK to leave or to remain. It seems to me clear that everything points to things being better in the medium to long term if we leave. We already have offers of trade deals from many potential partners, keen to take advantage of tariff-free trade with the fifth biggest economy in the world. The USA, China, Japan, India, and Canada are all among this happy group and all have economies included in the biggest ten Gross Domestic Product (GDP) countries in the world.

Additionally, if a mutually beneficial approach, incorporating common sense, is finally decided on, Germany, France, and Italy (three more top ten GDP producers) could carry on trading efficiently with the UK as well.

The other problems of the EU

However, in this article, I would like to shift the focus slightly and look at other aspects of the European Union. The waste of this organisation defies credibility. It flies senior politicians around the continent on private jets as if they were actually producing something like real executives, it has not managed to have its accounts signed off as a true and accurate record by any respectable auditors for many years and it hands around money for dubious, politically correct projects like confetti.

But that is just the small stuff.

Politically the cat has recently been let out of the bag. Both the German and French governments, the key driving forces of the project and the country's most in collusion with EU technocrats, the Junkers and Barniers of the world; are openly espousing the desire for a European Defence Force, even though they often do not honour their basic financial commitment to NATO (as pointed out recently by President Trump).

Talk of greater political control and the efforts to impose refugee quotas on Hungry the Czech Republic and Slovakia have aggravated the political Leaders. The indigenous people of those countries are reaching a point of open rebellion and the recent support of Spain in its efforts to forcibly prevent Catalans from expressing their desire for independence have again demonstrated their disdain for anything that makes the EU project more vulnerable.

All the above prove that the EU project that began decades ago as a common market is now preparing to become a super state. A United States of Europe.

The migrant issues

There are still bigger problems. The refusal to deal properly with the influx of millions of people, primarily from poor, Muslim majority countries has exacerbated two immense crises.

Firstly the pure weight of numbers arriving puts unmanageable pressures on social structures. Countries have developed over decades to the point where they can feed, house, protect and care for their citizens. Millions of extra poor, mainly low skilled and highly dependent people, demanding immediate support, destroys the ability of the countries to care for their own people.

Migration can help a country if it is phased in gradually over years and controlled, but the type of swamping now taking place across Europe destroys infrastructures that have taken generations to construct.

Secondly, the Muslim Caliphate is at war with the west in Iraq and Libya, with fighters delivering ongoing terror to countries across the globe. The refusal of primarily Germany, strongly supported by the EU leadership to acknowledge this fact and put in place stringent controls means that the first requirement of a Government to protect its own people can no longer be met. Millions of people, mostly young Muslim men are flooding into Europe. There are no entry checks and no control within the many borderless areas of Europe.

These people come from cultures that treat women very differently and live under Sharia law. ISIS has already told the EU that they are infiltrating fighters within the so-called refugees. The EU (as well as the leaders of some countries) of course refuse to listen and arrogantly place the importance of multiculturalism before the primary duty of protecting citizens from all threats.

The choice of the UK people

The UK citizens saw all this and were aware that plenty of its own leaders were developing the EU disease of not taking them seriously. They forced a vote thanks to people like Nigel Farage and won the right to leave thanks to people like Boris Johnson. Even now the people who hate the population having their voices heard are spinning anti-democratic tut to try and prevent democracy from being carried out.

They must not succeed!

If we stand back and provide a little more light and a little less heat we can see that the people of the UK only demanded back the right to control their own laws, borders, trade, and money. These are no more than the undeniable rights of any sovereign people! After all who else should control those things? Because of this, the EU leadership behaved like a bunch of spoilt seven-year-olds punishing everyone including their own people because their ridiculous pet project was being damaged. The blasted UK would no longer provide five and a half billion pounds of free money every year for them to waste. The UK courts would decide on who we would imprison and for how long or deport without referring to European courts.

Now, as the fifth-biggest world economy the UK would trade with whom we wish.

Not a pretty sight

Whatever the financial pros and cons, this process has given us a clear insight into the type of people we are dealing with. We must stay friends with the people of Europe and help them as they help us. But we must be free of the bullying bureaucrats who have taken over running parts of Europe without having to win any election to remain in power. Junker, among others, seems to have been in his job for years with no sign of a meaningful election in sight.

They have been flushed into the open by their grasping and posturing and they don’t make a pretty sight.