Many pro-Remain MPs believe that after Theresa May's performance at last week's Conservative Party Conference, her premiership is under threat. She is now under pressure due to a Freedom of Information request to publish secret legal advice claiming she should stop Brexit before March 2019, if it best serves the national interest.

Many businesses, legal experts and pro-Remain MPs disagree with Ministers that Brexit is irreversible because it is what the British people desire. That is despite increasing numbers of polls suggesting that if a referendum on the issue was held tomorrow, the Leave side would win with a larger majority than last year.

They have referred to the Government's "hard" Brexit approach as a kamikaze one.

An opportunity by arch Europhiles to destroy Brexit

The Guardian has revealed that an established lawyer is behind this ploy to prevent Brexit from becoming a reality. Jessica Simor QC, from Matrix Chambers, has asked Mrs May to publish "two good sources" under the Freedom of Information Act. They both advise the Prime Minister that she can withdraw Article 50 at any point and maintain trade with the EU under current terms of membership. This is merely an opportunity by arch Europhiles to destroy the process of leaving the trading bloc.

Former deputy prime minister Nick Clegg, embittered by losing his seat at this year's general election, has said MPs should reject a trading deal that fails to guarantee the promises made by the Vote Leave campaign last year.

He said the UK should join President Macron in arguing for a reformed EU, even though Cameron failed to achieve this outcome himself.

Labour MP Chuka Umuna said it is clear the promises made by Brexiteers are failing to transform into reality, such as the extra £350 million a week the NHS would receive in the event of a Leave vote.

Yet he is failing to scrutinise the threats that the Remain side made last year, such as taxpayers being squeezed with an extra £4800 a year to pay for Brexit. The hypocrisy of the Remain side knows no bounds.

The beginning of the restoration of May's authority

The Prime Minister did not conclude the Conservative Party Conference with the best speech of her political career.

But she countered all the obstacles before her with dignity, humour and grace. If Dominic Raab is right to suggest the Government is making contingency plans for the event of "no deal", she can still quit these negotiations and walk away. To do so would prove she has preserved her promise to the 52% of people who voted to leave the EU and restore her popularity. Britain can thrive under WTO rules and she knows that. This could be the beginning of the restoration of her authority, especially if she has a Cabinet reshuffle soon.

Pro-Remain MPs will lose if they get their way. The damage reversing Brexit would cause to the British people's trust would be worse than that of the 2009 expenses scandal.

Westminster cannot afford to remain trapped in its bubble forever. Leaving the EU must happen at literally any cost, even if it means no deal is reached. Politicians do not always know best after all, as 2009 taught us.