The latest Crime figures from the UK are truly shocking with the total figure topping five million in one year for the first time. The reason behind this is that we are beginning to reap the consequences of a Perfect Storm that has been brewing for years. Three overarching problems have now joined forces and are bringing destruction.


The United Kingdom's budget, the current account for this country is still in deficit. We are still spending far more than we are earning. This is a massive problem as it means our overall debt is nearing 2 trillion pounds.

The amount we have to pay each year just to service that enormous amount is about the equivalent to the overall yearly spend on the police and prison service combined. The Cameron/ Osborne Government made it a priority to reduce this, but now targets are being put on a backburner because Corbyn has had some success in the election by promising more reckless spending, borrowing, and taxing.

Every sector of society is demanding more money. Schools, the NHS, social housing, railways, HS2, social services, student grants etc. In addition, Corbyn feels it is wise to despise big business and rich people and the profits they bring to the UK and the Conservatives are so electorally afraid, they go along with the nonsense.

If this does not stop the rating agencies will downgrade the UK economy further. The cost of the loans will increase and the country will follow Greece down the fiscal toilet. The resultant funding consequences for law enforcement is obvious.


President Trump's recent comments equating the grim crime figures with the increase in Islamic extremism upset many.

It was poorly explained, it is difficult to explain complex issues within Twitter's 140 characters which is why most senior politicians don't even try. However, he has a valid point. There are now thousands of police, all heavily armed and well trained, patrolling swathes of London, Manchester, Birmingham and every other large city which did not need it before.

Thousands of known jihadists are being monitored round the clock and one-third of a million extra people are flooding into the UK each year. This does not allow Dixon of Dock Green much time to patrol the area on foot catching burglars (sorry police don't bother with that anymore) or clipping young yobs round the ear (nor that either, Dixon would end up in the dock himself and add to the figures).

Political choices

Liberal thinking has now taken over. We have no physical control over anyone from the age of about six upwards. Hate crime is now more important than burglary, theft or actual assault. By hate crime police mean anything said either in person or online that any sensitive soul may be upset about.

"Don't be such a wretched toe-rag" tweeted online from a white person to a black one is a hate crime needing investigation if the black person believes it is racially motivated. Eighty-year-old Mrs Smith's house getting burgled and placing her in fear for the rest of her life - sorry, no time for that.

Have you any idea how family members stop an idiot female teenager from going round to the taxi firm at fourteen and spending hours with sleazy men? Nor me. Social Services take them into care and it gets worse. They can't restrain them or lock them in, so they follow them and give them a lift back. Don't believe me? Google Rotherham or Leeds or Bristol or most other major cities. Taking control of how parents should parent is going really well for the State!

We also now want to have enquiries into everything. Ted Heath died twelve years ago. Some fantasist accuses him of paedophilia. Lets group that with several other similar claims with no proof call it "Operation Conifer" and waste 1.4 million pounds, while coming up with nothing of benefit through it.

How should we deal with this crisis?

It is time to go back to policing that protects people from real threats and punishes the perpetrators harshly. We must remove any terrorist threats that we can from the country in any way that we need to, without paying for lawyers to set up spurious Human Rights cases. Gangs carrying guns or acid and using violence against people should be imprisoned not excused, as should people with more than two previous convictions against them.

Others in worse circumstances don't behave like this, there is no excuse. Prison must be a disciplined punishment and policing should not include getting officers to paint their nails or wear high heels or dress in bear costumes to show political empathy. Projects that neither catch and punish nor protect people should be scrapped.

It's simple really, if people break the law stop them and punish them, if people are in danger protect them. It's straightforward, cost effective and it secured great results since the end of World War two until we gave over control to the so called intellectual elite, who live nowhere near crime Hellholes.

The Liberals and Socialists are pushing the UK into lawlessness. It is time to push back!