'The Donald' was very tactile as he met President Vladimir Putin of Russia for the first time this morning in Hamburg, Germany. The BBC showed that within seconds Trump had affectionately hugged his arm and placed a reassuring hand on his back, patting it with friendship. Considering the tensions of late, it was a good start, wasn't it?

We have much to discuss

In his usual early morning tweet, the US President said ahead of the first meeting with his Russian nemesis, that they had 'much to discuss,' although the warmth of the initial greeting made it look as they were old friends about to embark on a game on one of the Presidents many golf courses.

Theresa May and Jean-Claude Junker were nearby when the exchange took place, as mere passers-by, or as potential referee's; I was unsure.

Trump would do well to beware; the wolf may be smiling, but what is going on inside? The President likes to impress that he is a master deal maker, although Putin, an ex-KGB spymaster, is a man who could teach a thing or two about hanging onto power, and will be wary of the bonhomie. Trump promised to represent his country and fight for its interests even having a dig or two at the press and reportage that whatever he did it would be 'fake news.' No mention was made of course, about confronting the Russian with the implication of any involvement in the recent U.S.

elections. But then, the least said, soonest mended.

Syria and North Korea?

Apart from all the immediate problems that beset them - oil, trade, and everything in-between - one would hope that North Korea and Syria come pretty close to the top of the list if either of them has bothered to make one. Syria is looming large on the agenda, with further accusations of chemical weapons usage, the ultimate role of President Assad once the fighting stops, and how and by what means can the West help rebuild the country.

One can only hope that they also discuss Israel and the reconstruction of much of the devastated land controlled by Hamas. It is North Korea that is by far the most pressing problem. Putin has made it clear in agreement with China that things cannot continue on the current course without some form of decisive action. Trump, after his speech yesterday in Warsaw, will need to clarify exactly what surprises he has in store in that particular direction.

So yes, they both do have a lot to talk about but it is only with firm action and not mere words that any headway can be made. So quit the smiles chaps and get to work.