According to the regime of North Korea, they have successfully tested their first intercontinental ballistic missile. This is the missile that dictator Kim Jong-un and his subjects have been developing since the election of US President Donald Trump. Kim is terrified of Trump’s trigger finger and he wants to know he has the ability to nuke America from the safety of his living room, just in case.

However, Kim is just as reckless and unreliable as Trump, if not more, so this could have catastrophic consequences for the world we live in. If this missile test is confirmed and not just a fear tactic or bluff from Kim’s regime, then it could lead to a global nuclear holocaust.

However, if Kim can keep his finger off the trigger long enough for diplomatic negotiations, this would make Washington putty in his hands.

US military reports say differently

The claim from North Korea comes in contradiction of previous reports by the United States military, who are stationed in Korean waters to keep an eye on Kim. They said that North Korea had not tested an intercontinental ballistic missile, but rather one of intermediate range, which would be no big deal since they test those almost every week. According to analysts of this data, the missile could be able to reach Alaska, but not that little bit further to get to Washington, New York, LA, Boston, or other major cities in the continental United States.

Trump is nowhere near Alaska; it’s just ice and wolves, it’s not worth an expensive missile.

Rarely does the state television broadcast of North Korea feature announcements like this, but today, a newsreader appeared on the network to announce that Kim Jong-un himself had personally shown up on the site to oversee this ICBM test, which they called a “landmark” event.

The newsreader choked up during the announcement, so make of that what you will. The ICBM has been identified as a Hwasong-14 missile.

The newsreader said that the new classification of North Korea is that of “a strong nuclear power state,” which has “a very powerful ICBM that can strike any place in the world.” Yikes. She also provided details and statistics about the launch to back up her claim, alarmingly making this claim seem less false than one might dismiss it as.

She claimed that the altitude reached by the missile was 2,802 km (1,741 miles) and the distance reached was 933 km (580 miles). This is the longest and highest one of Kim’s missile tests have ever reached. These figures correspond roughly with the estimates made by analysts in Japan and South Korea.

North Korea closer than ever to striking US soil

This test (if it’s true and the statistics are accurate) brings Kim Jong-un much closer to achieving his goal of hitting US soil with a nuclear weapon. However, a lot of people believe that there’s no way anyone could make a nuclear device light and compact enough to fit on a missile and still travel that far. These same naysayers also believe that North Korea couldn’t have developed technology capable of getting the intercontinental ballistic missile out of Earth’s atmosphere and then surviving the re-entry.

But who knows what the North Korean regime is developing? Remember Hitler’s secret Nazi underground science experiments? This could be something like that.

Whether it was an ICBM or not, or as big of a success as they are making out on the news, North Korea definitely did fire an “unidentified ballistic missile,” as confirmed by the military of South Korea. The missile flew into the Sea of Japan. Kim doesn’t like calling it the Sea of Japan – he prefers to call it the East Sea of Korea. This is North Korea’s eleventh launch this year, and guess what, today is America’s Independence Day! What a coincidence...