Paul Manafort, who once managed the Presidential campaign of a Mr. Donald Trump, has finally come forward with some ex post facto claims that his consulting firm was given payments of more than $17 million from a political party in the Ukraine with ties to the Kremlin. This is an interesting development, given the Russian connection a lot of people assume is there but Trump himself has aggressively and vehemently denied.

One of Richard Nixon’s biographers has commented on Trump’s Russia ties, since Trump fired FBI Director James Comey for investigating it (which is possibly an impeachable crime, because it’s obstruction of justice).

The biographer suggests that Trump has misunderstood the FBI’s role – ever since the Watergate scandal, the Bureau has unofficially been seeing itself as an entity to keep tabs on the President.

The Senate has postponed the Republican health care vote

In other Washington news, the Senate has decided to put off the vote on the Republican Party’s health care bill. This comes as the party is falling apart and its empire is coming crumbling down around President Trump, who already suffered one embarrassing failure the last time the Senate voted on the Republican health care bill. Some Governors have already spoken out against the bill, so it doesn’t look good. See, a government analysis has shown that Trump’s new bill would cause elderly Americans to get screwed over, so the old Senators are souring on it.