On a day that coincided with the US Independence Day celebrations, North Korea launched an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile which has the capability of striking the US mainland. The ballistic missile has the potential to carry a heavy and large nuclear warhead, according to North Korean officials who claimed another brilliant victory of the Korean people with their struggle against the US. Donald Trump response via Twitter was to ask whether 'this guy' had nothing better to do. A somewhat juvenile response to a serious threat.

A bigger gift package

The world is on edge after the ICBM launch, supervised by Kim Jong-un, and he is promising to continue testing Nuclear weapons. Kim Jong-un was smiling as he basked in the controversy his first intercontinental ballistic missile test created, vowing not to abandon nuclear weapons and to send the US more gift packages of atomic tests and missiles.

A report in the North Korean state media, described how entranced the leader was with the ICBM and he urged his scientists to send big and small gift packages to the Yankees. He also reportedly said that the protracted showdown with the US had reached its final stage.

US and South Korean show of force

There was a direct response to the North Korean missile test on Tuesday by the US and South Korean soldiers as they fired deep strike precision missiles into South Korea territorial waters.

The joint exercise was launched as a counter to what was described as the unlawful and destabilizing act of North Korea and a demonstration of the solidarity between the to nations.

Donald Trump's response

Donald Trump has long relied on China to do something about the North Korean threat and has offered up little in the way of strategic plans to halt the missile test strikes.

After the successful launch of the intercontinental ballistic missile, Trump tweeted that China should take action by putting a heavy move on North Korea to stop the nonsense. Meeting with NATO allies in Warsaw Poland, Trump again called on allies to take action against the missile threats without offering up a US solution.

He continued to chide North Korea saying something has to be done about its very dangerous behaviour. But what?

Donald Trump had no plans to reveal during his speech in Warsaw, He indicated that he had some severe things planned but didn't want to talk about them. He admitted that as far as North Korea was concerned, he didn't know but would see what happens. What the US president seemed to know for sure was that he doesn't draw "red lines".