There have been men, women, teenagers and kids reported missing in the Northern State of California. There are theories as to why but no one really knows the reason behind the disappearances. Sherri Papini's disappearance was when I first started noticing the similarities of missing people near Redding,

What is odd is that Sherri Papini was held for three weeks and released She claimed that two Latino women abducted her while she was jogging and held her captive. During this time time she was subjected to beatings and torture. She was branded like an animal and her hair had been cut off.

Sherri was allegedly thrown from the perpetrator's vehicle and her hands attached to a chain around her waist and a bag on her head. Some people believe it was a hoax and others think it was a sex trafficking ring looking for young women to exploit.

Same day abduction?

Another woman went missing the same day Stacey Smart and has yet to be found. Stacey Smart disappeared the same day as Sherri Papini on November 2nd, 2016. Sherri and Stacey vanished only hours away from one another. Tony Brand 62, has been the prime suspect in the eyes of her family. Tony Brand was Stacey's Smarts boyfriend at the time. Tony took a lie detector test on March 2nd which he passed and according to the report that was prepared by Mansfield, Lierly Associates of Citrus Heights, he was truthful and showed no deception.

When I first heard that these two women had been abducted around the same time I thought for sure they were connected due to their similarities. Stacey Smart and Sherri Papini both have blond hair and blue eyes and went missing around the same time almost in the same area only an hour apart. The sheriff's office claims that the two were not related but both women are from rural areas and athough they are different in weight and age there are a lot of similarities.

Previous missing cases

There was another case in the 90s of a teenager named Tera Lynn Smith. Hers was another case very much like Sherri Papini. Tera Smith was 16 when she vanished on August 22 of 1998. Her disappearance still has the North State wondering what happened after nearly twenty years. She was jogging on the old Oregon Trail when she vanished and there is still no new information on her whereabouts.

Since 2016 there has been an increase in missing kids, teenagers, and adults across both genders. These people have just vanished out of the blue. One cannot help but ask what is going on and where are all these missing people going? What doesn't make sense to me is how the FBI could get involved so quickly with the Sherri Papini missing persons case but apparently still has not taken up the Stacey Smart case.