The other leaders of Britain's centre-left parties were bad enough during last night's BBC General Election debate, constantly talking over both Amber Rudd and UKIP leader Paul Nuttall, but the biggest loser during the programme was Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood. She consistently made a complete fool out of herself and proved to be nothing more than an embarrassment to British Politics.

She is typical of a politician that fails to understand why Welsh voters overwhelmingly voted for Brexit in last year's referendum. She scored a complete own goal when pressed on immigration by the BBC's Mishal Hussain, who reminder Mrs Wood that her party wants to implement an Australian points-based system in Wales, despite publicly stating her country currently has enough immigrants.

Considering how apparent it was the BBC purposefully handpicked a left-wing audience last night, even they struggled to contain their laughter over the Welsh politician's lack of clarity on immigration. Instead, she just accused Theresa May of ending the free movement of people and attacked UKIP for stirring up hatred against immigrants.

If this is truly the best candidate the Welsh nationalists could elect to convince their country Wales can survive outside the UK, then Plaid Cymru is doomed. Mrs Wood is nothing more than a bumbling buffoon. Regarding how out of touch she is with her own voters, let us hope they can deliver a quashing defeat to the Welsh nationalists on June 8th.