They have existed before the name serial killer was created

There have always been serial killers since as far back as the 20th century but they were not called such at the time. Serial murders have been and will continue to be documented throughout history. I am sure the whole world has heard about Jack the Ripper out of the UK. But what about the less known serial killers those that followed after or before and Jack The Rippers trail of bodies that ended with his sudden disappearance? Everyone has their own theories about what happened and why he stopped killing suddenly.

Herman Webster Mudgett, born on May 1861 in Gilmanton, New Hampshire was also known as The Beast Of Chicago and H.H. Holmes; he is documented as one of the very first serial killers. After taking over a Pharmacy he created a home maze full of traps eventually named The Murder Castle for which he ensnared many of the population during 1983, until he was eventually caught and hung.

Have Criminologists discovered how to revel serial killers to the world?

Freude has said the up bring of a child has something to do with who/what a child will become when they grow up. Nature vs Nurture is about how their early childhoods and how it affect their future. It is important to note that there are early Warning Signs to pay attention to.

Anti-Social behavior - if a child is social and suddenly becomes despondent. Arson -starting fires at a young age most serial killers start with arson. Harming animals - the biggest warning sign to look for are children who torture and kill small animals for pleasure. Child abuse or neglect could help transform a normal happy child into a possible killer.

Voyeurism - some kids at a young age have fetishes. Shiftlessness- though they are smart most can't keep a job or work at unskilled labor. Researchers have scanned the minds of people prone to these traits and discovered that there was a drop in the connectivity of the amygdala and the frontal cortex. After scanning the brain of rapists and killers they discovered that the lack of empathy and remorse actually shows low levels in the brain.

I have heard that damage to the frontal lobe causes impulse control issues.

Morbid Fascinations

Criminologists have discovered key traits that most serial murderers have in common. I have always been fascinated with serial killers and why they kill. That question has even influenced my decision to write a series of books called Emptiness Vol 1. The first book to the series is called Tainted Innocence that comes out July 26th of 2017. The first book tells the story of a 13-year-old boy who grows up in an abusive home with a depressed mother. As a result of this, he lashes out with due to his dark urges. The boy 'Logan' searches for answers throughout his life trying to discover why he kills. He asks himself what makes him want to and he searches for answers in others like himself.

The Emptiness book series is from the boys perspective. You can't help but wonder what possessed men like H.H. Holmes to make a murder house or others commit murder? There are many theories that people have developed over the years; some say there are genes in the body that can make humans more prone to kill others. Researchers are still looking for genetic clues even now. There has been so much attention in movies, books, and news. How can one not be fascinated by them?