What is the real number of missing people in California In The Year 2017?

People all over The World have been going missing for years but never so many in one area. It doesn't appear to matter your race, age or gender; if you're in California you are at risk of going missing. That is a fact. Just In Shasta County over forty-eight people have vanished and that is only in one county. Imagine how many people are really just gone. I am sure, no I am positive, there are others that have not been reported. Not everyone has someone to miss them or report them to the authorities.

So is there a way to get the actual numbers without guessing? Sure, there are statistics that you can read. I have researched it myself and in California alone, there are over 25,000 people that just vanished suddenly. That is including men, women, children, teenagers, old and young of all ages, races, and gender. I have even heard that there are random people going around with bottles of what they call perfume but be warned it's not and if you smell it then you will be knocked out. This is just one of the technics that kidnappers are taking to lure people.

New Information and updates.

The FBI have finally decided to get involved in the cases of the vanishing folks but It's not just Northern California that this is happening to but all over the state of Californa and The Rest of the world.

You can search the web and see the recent case studies of all the individuals that have been reported.

Missing Statistics In The UK AND USA.

There are around 275,000 British that disappears yearly on average per year. The USA had over 830,000in 2016 that were reported missing and that was in one year alone. Each case on average in the US is about 750,000.

So you may ask how are people supposed to stop abductions with the numbers of people that have disappeared being so high? Well I am going to give you some tips that will help so pay attention.

How To Avoid Being One Of The Statistics!

Abductions happen all over the world, being it by neighbours, family, sex traffickers, killers or sexual predators but there are some preventive measures you can you take.

Take note of your surroundings if you think someone is following you; don't always wear headphones on both ears or have your head caught up in texting. If you go somewhere use the buddy system. Never go anywhere alone. If you have a bad feeling about someone pay attention to it. Follow your instincts no matter what; they could save your life. Don't meet up with strangers. Sure people can seem nice online and I am sure some are but do you really want to take a chance? Don't ride with strangers. If your friends say oh yeah I heard this guy is nice lets to go to the mall, DONT. Do not have a routine. Not doing the same thing all the time is a good thing; it means no one can predict what you're doing and when. These tips will help out but the most important tip I can give you is use logic.