The case of Madeleine McCann has been difficult for all those involved and because of public reaction, there has probably been times where the Met would have been tempted to close the case. But constant Awareness raised by Kate and Gerry have helped keep the case for their missing daughter open. Whatever you may think of the money being spent on the case for one child, the overall cause for Missing Children is being helped drastically because of the publicity.

With 140,00 children estimated to go missing in the UK a year, which is approximately one child every 5 minutes, Madeleine McCann’s case is highlighting the issue of children being abducted globally.

Awareness created

In the future, there could be a time when people look back on the case and see it as a turning point in missing children cases. It has created significant awareness of the issue and it could do a lot of good for the future irrespective of whether the authorities are ever able to solve the disappearance. It could prove to be the turning point that society realised the significant issue of missing children and just how many children go missing in the UK alone.

The awareness will help charities such as Missing People with more funding from donations and no doubt that this would have helped more causes such as these.