Jeremy Corbyn's performance in the House of Commons during Prime Minister's Questions today was an utter disaster. Here was the Labour leader's final opportunity to present an image to the public that he is actually capable of leading the country. But many commentators will no doubt pour scorn on his inability to tackle the noise Conservative MPs on the other side of the chamber, let alone the great challenges this country faces and the divisions in the Labour Party.

This will be people's last image of him as a speaker before they vote on June 8th.

In an age where personality matters when leading a political party, Mr. Corbyn has completely failed to prove to electors he is able to tackle the Conservatives on the issues that matter most to Labour. This party's greatest electoral asset was once its perception among the general public that they care more than the Tories. When it came to the NHS and the welfare state, these were the Labour Party's trump cards. Now, they have been robbed by a Conservative Party moving increasingly towards the centre ground and vacating that huge space once occupied by their centre-left rivals.

For all his rhetoric about the Conservatives making people's lives worse, beating the drum for Labour voters across the country on issues they trust their party on, he can provide no answers about how to address those problems, other than spend more money.

But the opinion polls suggest electors see through those vague and empty promises about their lives improving under Mr. Corbyn.

The Labour leader has today proven to most sane people he cannot be trusted on the greatest challenges facing this country. The only reassurance he has is that the Communist Party have endorsed him.