North Korea threatens to attack US power grid: Forget atom bombs, a satellite of North Korea can also make America a ruin. Donald Trump is worried about N.Korea's missiles and nuclear bombs these days but just one of the electronic waves from the Pyongyang satellite in space could sink the entire United States. Now the US Department Of Defense is preparing to deal with this danger.

There will be no voice in this catastrophe

According to American defense experts, North Korea has the power to attack electromagnetic pulse (EMP) from their satellite on the American power grid.

According to former CIA director James Woolsey, "Such a similar attack can also usurp America's electric grid and other infrastructure for a year. Out of this, nine out of 10 Americans will be killed from hunger and chaos."

What is America's preparation?

Woolsey warns that Americans will need to find solutions to deal with this threat in order to save the lives of American civilization and millions of people. According to the American media; the US Department of Defense is not unaware of this danger. The Pentagon's Technical Wing Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA) is working on developing new technology to deal with such an attack. The agenda of modernization of President Trump's infrastructure includes the development of this technology.

DARPA has asked Power Company BAE Systems to prepare a backup that can continue to supply power even when the electric grid is inactive. But it may take up to 2020 to transform this technology into reality.

Increasing threats from North Korea

Even before president Trump took over, it was clear that it would be his priority to deal with the Korean arms program.

After coming to their White House, tension has increased in both the countries. The Trump Administration has clarified that all options are open against North Korea. Despite this, N.Korea failed the Missile Test on Sunday.

North Korea's demonstration of military strength

In this atmosphere of tension, North Korea has demonstrated this parade as an occasion to show its strength, especially for its submarine-launched ballistic missiles (SLBM), which was shown in the parade, for the first time, indicating the technical ability to improve.

At the same time, US officials are afraid that the dictator might test their sixth nuclear weapon on this occasion. On the other hand, N.Korea's second-highest official has said that the country is ready to respond to any kind of nuclear strike on America.