San Padre Island, Texas

A 19-year-old recorded the racist attack that lasted more than twenty minutes, in the presence of Children And Women. Everything happened on a beach on the island of San Padre in the American state of Texas when a man in his 40's, in obvious drunkenness, began to insult an American-Muslim family who were preparing to enjoy the sunny day.

The alarming video that was recorded on the phone and later uploaded to YouTube by 19-year-old Noria Alward, one of those affected by the attack, shows the furious unidentified man assaulting them in the first instance for their religion claiming that they 'will never make their Law of Sharia raised above the Christians.'

After flapping his beach chair in the air, the man dressed in a muscle shirt and bathing shorts first abused the men of the family, not caring about the presence of children and women around who were concentrated on building sand castles.

The Racist: 'Sharia law is nothing for me'

Another of the vacationers, seeing the tense attack, tried to calm the angry man as he shouted: "Your law of sharia does not mean anything to me!". After a short rest, he again attacked the Alward family of Yemeni descent, now with insults of greater calibre and a racist nature. "Guess what? Isis does not mean anything to me!" the man shouted and immediately added "Donald Trump will stop you! Trump will stop you damn".

The young recorder, a resident of Michigan, stated that while they were preparing to enjoy a day at the beach, which was supposed to be a pleasant family experience, it turned into something 'horrible and aggressive' in the worst possible way.

After finishing the episode that lasted about twenty minutes, the man returned to the South Padre Pearl Hotel where the Alwar also stayed, where he was immediately arrested by the local police in the restaurant.

The Racist: Arrested and released on the same day

Witness reported that the attacker was released hours later, given that the next day he was seen on the front desk of the hotel, despite the fact that the officials had assured the affected family that the attacker would be expelled with forbidden access.

After receiving negative reviews on Trip Advisor because of how the situation was dealt with, hotel managers told The Daily Mail that they took the situation very seriously because it was not a positive thing for the resort.