The North Korean war took place six decades back. Down the line, the Korean Peninsula has seen a tenuous peace and despite occasional saber rattling by the North, no war has taken place. After the war, North Korea turned into an insular state which concentrated on developing a nuclear arsenal to the detriment of the welfare of the people. The Americans all along stated that they would not allow North Korea to become a nuclear power. Donald Trump has stated that if the nuclear arsenal is developed the Americans will react. Vice president Pence has said we are at the end of our" strategic patience." These are strong words and may signal an intent to bomb the North Korean nuclear sites.

Obsession with North Korea

Donald Trump is not the first American President to be obsessed with North Korea. After the end of World War II, America was involved in a war on the Korean Peninsula. The then president Harry Truman's commitment to South Korea led to a war which lasted three years.America's attempt to try and liberate the North from communism failed. In the ding-dong battle in which China entered the war on the side of the north, the battle became a stalemate. Truman went away and his successor General Eisenhower agreed to a ceasefire.

China factor

China for long has been an antagonist of the United States. The Chinese started their nuclear program sometime in the fifties of the last century.

At that time a state of war existed between the Peoples Republic of China and Nationalist China supported by the USA. In all my travels in America, I have not come across any American asking a question as to why the United States at that time did not make any attempt to stop the Chinese nuclear program. China tested their nuclear device in 1964.

History tells us that they had announced at that time that they intended to use it against the USA. Over the decades China has become a big power. One wonders why the USA did nothing. Was it because China was a big nation with a billion people? No explanation is forthcoming.

The South China Sea

We are seeing a similar approach to China in the South China Sea.

The Chinese have taken control of the Spratly islands in the South China sea and have presented the USA with a fait accompli. Something similar happened when China went nuclear and started developing nuclear weapons. In this light, the American obsession with North Korea is difficult to understand. It is for the Americans to ask themselves as to why they are obsessed with North Korea. Why did they not stop China on its march towards becoming a big nuclear power? Why have the Americans have never confronted China?