Social Networks: Think before sharing

It is well known that in the era of social networks, the public image of an artist is not built based on his performance on the stage or within a film set, but on aspects of his private life that he decides to share on platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram.

The current trend to live a parallel life in networks, where everything seems to be perfect through content such as videos, filters and meticulously calculated videos, has managed to 'bring' the great stars of Hollywood and the music industry to their millions of fans around of the world.

The world of rap [VIDEO] is not alien to this and particularly the artists of the urban generation, among those who would seem to enjoy sharing the fruits of their work with their fans, as well as their haters or detractors. But it is also an overkill and constant boasting that can lead to getting into trouble if you try to build a personal brand that can not be sustained in real life.

Bow Wow: After posting a photo on Instagram

It was precisely the rapper Bow Wow, who at the age of 30 already harvested 3.4 million followers on Instagram. Bow Wow, who suffered a setback by wanting to brag into networks of a lifestyle that apparently would not be the most representative of his economic reality.

Last Tuesday Bow Wow decided to share a photograph on Instagram that said he was about to ride to a luxurious private jet. The method of transport chosen by rich and famous to avoid the tortuous commercial flights, to continue with the promotional tour of his reality show 'Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta'.

But Bow Wow was apparently not counting on one of his millions of followers to recognise him in the same flight and would take his photo to share it on Twitter and perform the virtual Escrache.

"This Bow Wow guy is on my flight to NY but at Instagram he posted a picture of a private jet with the caption "traveling to NY today" so stupid," Al-Khee said in a post that later became vicious.

Wow did a Google search of private jet?

To make the matters worse, another user shared a screenshot of a VIP-based shuttle service in the city of Fort Lauderdale where you can see the same picture of a jet surrounded by two Mercedes Benz that Bow Wow would have "borrowed" after doing a Google search for his pretentious post.

After the fiasco in networks, Bow Wow continued to post without mentioning the trip by private jet. That did not happen but surely and unwittingly helped many understand that comparisons with other successful people in networks makes no sense, since what you choose to show is often not real.