Quantico is not even a season old and the fandom it has created is magnanimous. Be it tweets or fan made photos to online discussions; the Show is taking internet by the storm across the globe. While the characters of Agent Alex Parrish played by Priyanka Chopra and Ryaan Booth essayed by Jake McLaughlin are showered with immense love and praise, here are fivefacts about the show which are fairly unknown.

Priyanka stayed in US for 3 months

When Priyanka began shooting for the show she was also promoting her Bollywood movie Dil Dhadakne Do and shooting for the historic epic Bajirao Mastani.

It is reported that Priyanka flew down to India for three days to shoot her scenes for Bajirao Mastani where she played a Maratha warrior’s wife Kashibai. It is a commendable act since her character in the movie and in the show is at extreme ends due to language differences.

Ever thought what does the word Quantico even mean?

Not many know that there in fact is a town named Quantico in Virginia on which the name of the show is based. The town is home to one of the largest US marine cop bases worldwide. Also the FBI academy is based in Quantico, thus the name.

Jake McLaughlin was in US army for real

Before Jake McLaughlin began his acting career he actually served the US army for quite some time.

He was in Iraq for a long span of four years; he was injured and has been awarded many prestigious awards from the government for his dedication and passion for the country. Post his army days he also worked as a security guard at Universal Studios.

Not based on 9/11 attacks

Though every Quantico fan has atleast once thought about it being vaguely based on the 9/11 attacks due to the bombing the show began with; it is not.

It is based on a purely fictional terrorist attack in which Agent Alex Parrish gets framed and how.

Grey’s Anatomy connection

Quantico is often termed as a show which is a mix between Grey’s Anatomy and Homeland and Criminal Minds. It’s because Grey’s Anatomy, Criminal Mind and Quantico have the same producer i.e. Mark Gordon.