Apart from her provocative photo shoots , tweets and appearances, Kim Kardashian has been in news recentlyfor the birth of her son Saint West and the alleged dents in her relationship with her husband Kanye West. While everything she does becomes a national headline , here are five facts about the controversial Kim which are fairly unknown and will blow your senses

She blow dries her jewelry

Kim reportedly blow dries her jewelry before she puts them on, every little piece of jewelry to be precise. Why? Because metal is cold and she apparently doesn’t like its coldness when it touches her skin.

So to pre heat the jewelry she heats it by blow drying; so much of hard work for the love of comfort indeed.

The Neverland Ranch Birthday party

Well when you are a Kardashian you can have whatever you desire, even a birthday party at Michael Jackson’s now infamous Neverland Ranch. Kim had her 14th birthday celebrated at the ranch; she didn’t even have to wait till she was 18 for that huge party.

Kim was a celebrity stylist

Before she herself became a huge celebrity, she worked as a stylist for Brandy and even Lindsay Lohan. Now that’s one talented persona for sure. No doubt she rules the style news and is always seen trying out the best and even some of the most controversial outfits at times.

Most searched celebrity of 2008

This one is not that much of a shocker but the year totally is. Kim Kardashian was the most googled celebrity of the year 2008. Just four years before 2008, Britney Spears was the most googled celebrity. One can only imagine the mammoth number of searches which made Kim race ahead of Britney Spears in a span of just four years.

She attended an All-girl catholic school

Kim including all her sisters studied at Marymount High School which is a famous All-girl catholic school. The school is well known for its 100 hours of community service every student is required to complete before she graduates. No doubt she gives a lot back to the society through her charity events and endeavors.