The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story TV series is creating ripples with every passing episode. It’s creating the same interest as the original trial did which had charged the famous NFL star with double murder of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her close friend Ronald Goldman. Let’s have a look at the top five bizarre facts about the original trial which shook the nation.

The Bronco chase is 22 years old

Not many know that the O.J.Simpson bronco chase which resulted into the then NFL star and Heisman Trophy winner O.J.Simpson becoming a clear murder suspect dates 22 years back.

The infamous white Bronco chase took place in June 1994 in L.A and was one of the longest chase totalling to 60kms. The entire time O.J.Simpson was seen holding a gun to his head which made the chase no less than a edge of the seat movie.

Domino’s Pizza had a record sale

Well as someone said, someone’s loss is someone’s gain and the day of telecast of the bronco chase which happened over 20 years ago was the best day for the pizza biggie Domino’s apparently. Viewers were glued to their TV sets like they would have been for none other than Super Bowl Sunday and the Domino’s pizaa sales sky rocketed.

The mind boggling media frenzy

More than 20 helicopters followed the bronco chase and almost every news network telecast the footage live.

All major programming was put on hold which included game 5 of NBA finals which is historic in itself. NBC showcased the NBA finals but only in a small box in the corner of the screen while the major part of the screen was attributed to the Simpson chase.

Everything stopped when the verdict was announced

The day when the verdict was announced i.e.

on October 3, 1995 everyone stopped whatever they were doing and started following the verdict wherever they could in whichever way possible. Globally 100 million people were estimated to have paused their work for the verdict which was “Not Guilty”.

The birth of Kardashians mania

The trial which lasted for over 16 months in the court and the media resulted into a perfect launch for the Kardashians family paparazzi. The Kardashian family benefited the most from the trail. All eyes were turned back and forth on to them as Robert Kardashian Senior was Simpson’s close friend and one of his lead attorneys.