Have you heard about Movember? Don’t worry if not. It’s only been in recent years that it’s become a major thing. It’s something that everyone can get involved in, and is no longer only for men. However, the money raised from this charity event does only go to support men’s health. It’s the only charity of its kind, helping to only tackle men’s health globally all year round. You can find out more about Movember and what it means right here. Is this your year to get involved?

30 days and 30 days only to grow a moustache

The name “movember” comes from the amalgamation of “moustache” and “november.” Those taking part have 30 days and 30 days alone to grow their own moustache to show off to their friends.

You’re supposed to start from the very beginning and build it from there, but there are now different ways that you can get involved.

This is no longer just for men, with many women getting involved in the fundraising part of the monthly event. There are now many women taking part, as men’s health problems affect everyone around the world. While the focus was originally on testicular and Prostate Cancer, there is now a focus on depression and suicide in men.

Taking over social media for Movember

You likely won’t get away from seeing information about Movember this year. It has grown each year on social media, and people are already sharing their initial attempts to raise money for the charity.

Some will be sharing their own moustaches, while others will just share the place to go to donate money towards the cause.

There are others finding ways to use their creativity to help with the cause. People are writing articles and blog posts, sharing artwork, and even doing videos to spread the word about Movember.

This is your chance to get involved in the Movember challenge.

For the next 30 days you can spread the word about the charitable organisation and help raise money to go towards men’s health. This is the only charity that focuses on men’s health and men’s health only, despite so many others focusing on women’s health.