Each November it is a given that Facebook and Twitter will be flooded with men growing terrible moustaches in the name of Movember. It is a great cause, with money donated focusingon prevention of prostate and testicular cancers and more recently on mental health and suicide prevention. However girls don't usually like to sporttheir secret 'taches for more than the threesecondsit takes to waxthem off, so how canMo'Sistasget on board to help our Mo'Bros this year?

Get Physical!

This Movember woman can show support by being more physically active and raise funds with theMove Challenge.

The challenge is simple; set yourself a personal goal, track your progress towards the goal and raise funds doing it.You can also team up with others to raise awareness as a group, whether it is in a 5-a-side football team or first time runners, the possibilities are endless.

The goal can be anything from marathon running to learning a new sport so long as for the month of November you are physically active while raising money and awareness for Movember.

Host an event

If the Move Challenge doesn'ttickle your fancy, you can always host an event or party within your community, friends or even at work. Are you and your colleagues always talking about Bake Off? Have a dessert competition! Do you think you are the next Nigella Lawson?

Host a dinner party!

Literally any event that you can get sponsored for will greatly help your Mo'bro's out this November.

Wear it

No, you don't need to avoid bleaching or waxing your upper lip's little secret!

Think of a Movember moustache as an accessorythatcan spark a conversation, so too can the officialMovember branded clothes and accessories.

By wearing aMoSista pin, ort-shirtyou can sport your very own talking point that raises awareness, while100% of all proceeds go to the Movember Foundation.

Whatever way you choose to raise money, be sure to also raise awareness about men's Health issues to those near and dear to you.Be the best wing-woman thisNovemberbystarting important conversations,encouraging men to speak to doctorsabout routinepreventative check-ups and discuss mental health.You could help save a life.