The Berlin Christmas market attack has shocked the world, yet another awful attack on innocent lives. There is plenty of speculation over who did it and why but less is made of those who were there and involved. An Eye Witness who saw the devastation at first hand and filmed the chaos that shortly followed.

In a film shown by the BBC, Jan Hollitzer the Deputy Editor of the Berliner Morgenpost, filmed on his phone the immediate devastation caused by the lorry that ploughed into the Christmas market.

Footage from moments after the devastation

The film itself shows people uncertain as to what they should do with the lorry very and Jan states that there were “people on the ground” and that you couldn’t tell if it was "red wine or blood".

He says that “it was horrible what you see there.” He also stated that there were lots screaming and noises" as he walked through the devastation.

You can hear in the background the sounds of sirens as emergency services try to save as many lives as possible. Jan mentions the Nice attacks and the images that came from that situation, comparing it to the devastation caused then.

Watch the footage below: