There is no doubt that "Shazam" is an often neglected character in the DC Extended Universe. This time, "Shazam" comes with lightning and thunder as it sweeps all over the world, revitalizing fans' hearts as it continues to strike at every moment. The hashtag "Shazam" is now trending worldwide not only on Twitter but other social media platforms as well. With positive reviews and fans' pleased reactions, there's no way to deny that the origin movie is a success. Despite its somewhat comedic trailer that made people shake their heads thinking it would be a comedy instead of an origin story, "Shazam" turns out as a pleasant surprise.

So much so, that even Rotten Tomatoes, a review platform that often gives DC movies low ratings, gave it an astounding rating.

95 per cent 'Certified Fresh'

Rotten Tomatoes often gives the stink-eye whenever a DC movie comes out. The origin story and box office hit, "Aquaman," only received a review of 65 per cent despite having a great impact. Only a few DC movies have satisfied the critics and the rest is better left unsaid. This time, however, it's a different story since "Shazam" was able to captivate their strongest critics, aside from Shazam fans, into loving the movie. Granted, not everyone on the Rotten Tomatoes platform loved it but the Tomatometer on this one is so strong that the negative reviews are pushed over.

Critics' reactions to 'Shazam'

At the moment, the Audience Score for "Shazam" is not available on the website. Over 40 review critics from different publications have uploaded their reactions. Longtime fans of "Shazam" were pleased with the outcome, loving how the origin story is true to its roots. Plus, they appreciated the Easter eggs.

Some gave it a rotten score, even reaching 2.5 due to their belief that it is comedic, therefore giving a mixed result that does not fit the DCEU's style at all. There are also reactions as to how this movie is a break from the usual gloom and doom style that DCEU is famous for.

Continuing to soar

As much as the critics are giving mixed reviews on "Shazam," there is no denying that the overall reaction to this is positive and not only on Rotten Tomatoes.

There's also IGN and many others from personal blogs, Reddit forums, and social media. DC and non-DC fans love and continue to support it by posting reactions online. Though it is still too early to predict the future of "Shazam", it can be concluded, as described by, that its start is as bright and strong as lightning, loud as thunder and overall a pleasant surprise. Now that's another reason to respect the stereotyped DCEU.