Last year Netflix released “Annihilation,” a film which proved to be a popular choice for fans of the sci-fi genre. Then there was “Altered Carbon,” a 10-episode series which is described as dystopian, cyberpunk science fiction, which has a second season coming, hopefully sometime this year. Fans will also remember “Maniac,” a series involving a set of people participating in a drug trial to solve their various mental problems. Things naturally don’t go quite as planned.

Now the streaming platform has a few more sci-fi serious and not so serious gems for our future viewing.

‘IO’ sci-fi coming 18 January 2019

IO” tells the story of a poisoned Earth. A young scientist, played by Margaret Qualley (“The Leftovers”) joins with another survivor, played by Anthony Mackie (“Avengers: Infinity War”) to try and find a way for remaining humans to be able to adapt to living there.

As noted by, most other humans have already moved to IO, one of Jupiter’s moons, where a colony has been set up. Qualley and Mackie miss out on the final flight from Earth and basically have no other choice. Also starring in “IO” is Danny Huston (“Wolverine,” “X-Men Origins”).

Watch the trailer below.

‘Russian Doll’ sci-fi dark comedy series coming 1 February 2019

Russian Doll” can, in many ways, be compared to “Groundhog Day” or “Happy Death Day.” The dark comedy tells the story of a party girl, Nadia (Natasha Lyonne) in New York who keeps replaying the same day.

As noted by Den of Geek, each time she dies, in varied ways, and each time she comes back, looking at herself in her bathroom mirror. Everything this determined character does to try and keep alive ends with her dying yet again.

Netflix is releasing an eight-episode season of “Russian Doll” – so far it is unknown if there will be more.

Watch the trailer below.

‘Nightflyers’ sci-fi horror series

Like “Game of Thrones,” “Nightflyers” comes from the famous pen of George RR Martin, but that’s the only thing the two series have in common. “Nightflyers” is a science fiction horror series based on Martin’s novella of the same title. It will be aired on the US channel Syfy and will also be available on Netflix for those in the UK and Ireland.

The series tells the story of a mission which leaves earth to find life in the galaxy and, naturally, everything goes horribly wrong.

So far, there’s no news of when “Nightflyers” will be available for streaming on Netflix, but Empire did release the first-look image in December.