The much-awaited political Film "Accidental Prime Minister", on the life of Mr. Manmohan Singh and his tenure of 10 years as prime minister of India, has been released. People who have watched the film have been impressed by both the content and the depiction of events during those 10 years.

The film begins with the victory of the Indian National Congress in 2004. At that time, everybody expected Mrs. Sonia Gandhi to be the Prime Minister of India. She, however, decided to step aside and nominated Mr. Manmohan Singh to lead the Indian nation. It must be mentioned that Manmohan Singh had no political base of his own and as per noted Indian writer Khushwant Singh, he could not even win a Panchayat election on his own.

The nomination of Manmohan Singh as the Prime Minister of India, however, was according to plan as the strings to control power remained with Mrs. Gandhi and her family. NDTV commented that the film generated controversy but that is part of the game in films that have a political background.

Excellent depiction

The film is an excellent depiction of that period and is related in a novel way through the eyes of the press advisor of Mr. Manmohan Singh, Sanjaya Baru. Much of the success of the film is due to the excellent roles played by Akshay Khanna and Anupam Kher. Akshaye Khanna in the role of the media advisor Sanjaya Baru puts in a glorious performance which is bettered only one degree by Anupam Kher as Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

The film is basically an entertainment movie and whatever is stated cannot be considered as the gospel truth. It is based on Sanjaya Baru's experience, which he put to paper in a book titled "The Accidental Prime Minister". Many people have objected to the film but really there are no grounds for being unhappy as the film is basically a narration of events during the time of Manmohan Singh through the eyes of his press advisor.

Appealing film

The film is now released and it appears to have appealed to many people as well as the critics. Close on the failure of "Zero" the film is a refreshing success. The film depicts Mr. Manmohan Singh as a stooge of the Gandhi family and this won't be to the liking of Manmohan Singh at all. The Times of India has reported that a plea has also been filed in the Supreme Court to stop the release of the film.

This is, however, history and such acts will not stop the release of the film.

Great acting performances

The direction of the film and the background score are appropriate to the film. The film hinges on the shoulders of two stellar actors, Akshaye Khanna and Anupam Kher. As one watches the film Anupam Kher recedes into the background and one can think only of Manmohan Singh

The film does have critical political overtones. The fact that it has been released when the next general election is around the corner cannot be coincident. Whatever the political colour the film "The Accidental Prime Minister" is a movie to be enjoyed