Back in August last year, announcements were made relating to a new Stephen King adaptation, “In the Tall Grass.” At that stage, Consequence of Sound reported that Patrick Wilson (“Conjuring”), Laysla De Oliveira and Harrison Gilbertson would be starring in the new horror movie.

As reported by Joe, the original novella "In the Tall Grass" was a collaboration between King and his writer son, Joe Hill, and tells the story of a teenage brother and sister on a road trip. When they go to the aid of a young boy, lost in a field of long grass, weird things start happening with mysterious forces at work.

Space and time appear to be warped and at one stage they are both together, while the next moment they find themselves miles apart.

Netflix and Stephen King

Streaming platform Netflix has already formed a productive partnership with King. Last year saw Netflix hosting the adaptations of “Gerald’s Game” and “1922,” both of which were disturbing and chilling movies.

The latest, “In the Tall Grass,” is set to release on Netflix this year. The latest adaptation is by director Vincenzo Natali, who told Screen Daily why the movie is so terrifying.

He explained the grass field as being like a maze from which it is impossible to escape. However, not only are the protagonists lost, but they also find they are no longer alone.

You wouldn’t imagine grass as being frightening

Natali said you wouldn’t think grass would be frightening, but put Stephen King and Joe Hill in the mix and it is terrifying indeed.

He dubbed the story as being among the most disturbing horror stories he has ever read. The director has already had much experience with disturbing content, as he was the director of the science fiction horror film “Cube,” the sci-fi movie “Splice,” and some of the most popular episodes of the series “Westworld.”

With major talent like Patrick Wilson on the cast (he starred in “The Conjuring,” “Insidious” and the upcoming Film “Annabelle 3”), the new upcoming King adaptation already sounds like a hit.

Laysla De Oliveira (starring in the upcoming John Ridley film “Needle in a Timestack”) and Harrison Gilbertson of “Picnic at Hanging Rock” fame are also on the cast.

Just a reminder that King also has another adaptation coming out in 2019 with “It: Chapter 2.” It’s already looking like a great year for King fans! Meanwhile, other adaptations are already on the horizon, including “The Tommyknockers,” “The Long Walk,” “The Bone Church” and a new adaptation of “The Stand.”