Fans of the popular cartoon series “The Simpsons” have always wondered whether Michael Jackson’s voice did really feature on an episode of the show. That episode was “Stark Raving Dad,” that aired in 1991. The episode featured Homer Simpson in a mental health institution and Jackson was the voice of Leon Kompowsky, a fellow inmate. Kompowsky was admitted because he believed he was Jackson himself.

While the fact was released in a DVD commentary for that episode of "The Simpsons," released in 2003, not everyone heard about it. Now it is confirmed as a fact by showrunner Matt Groening.

Also in the news is that what would have been Jackson's 60th birthday was celebrated last week in Las Vegas.

Leon Kompowsky was Michael Jackson

It turns out late pop icon Michael Jackson was a huge fan of “The Simpsons,” and Bart in particular. Matt Groening received a call from someone purporting to be Jackson himself. Matt said in an interview on the Australian television show, “The Weekly,” that he believed it was just a prank and he initially hung up on Jackson.

As noted by Digital Spy, the character was credited in the titles as being John Jay Smith, but it was, indeed, Jackson himself.

Groening went on to say that they really did have Jackson on the show and that he played the voice role of mental health inmate Leon Kompowsky who was in the show with Homer. Saying Jackson really loved the show and Bart in particular, they welcomed his voice input.

It turns out Bart is also a big Jackson fan, as can be seen when Kompowsky phones the Simpsons' home on behalf of Homer.

Enjoy the brief clip below.

Song in the episode was not sung by Michael Jackson

However, there was a song later in the episode allegedly with the voice of Jackson, but it actually turned out to be guitarist Kipp Lennon. That song, “Happy Birthday Lisa” was reprised by Lennon at the 2014 Hollywood Bowl.

Groening explained that Jackson wouldn’t do the song and he didn’t want credit for his voice performance, adding that it was something to do with a deal with his record company.

That was when they hired “sound-alike” Lennon. He said the poor guy was really nervous, having to stand there and sing like Michael Jackson, while the real singer was in the same room. Groening remembers Jackson standing there and listening and eventually giggling over it.

60th birthday celebration for late Michael Jackson

As can be seen in a report by Billboard, Jackson is in the headlines in another story. Family, friends and fans turned out in numbers at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino on Wednesday last week to celebrate what would have been Jackson’s 60th birthday.

Jackson’s two children, Prince and Paris were in Las Vegas along with a host of celebrities. They were also there to accept The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation’s 2018 Elizabeth Taylor Legacy Award for Humanitarian Service, which was awarded to Jackson posthumously.