It was recently reported that an adaptation of Stephen King’s novel “Doctor Sleep” was in the making. It was further advised that Ewan McGregor would play the main role of Danny Torrance. Danny was the young boy who has “the shine” and saw horrific scenes in “The Shining,” of which “Doctor Sleep” will be the sequel.

Horror director Mike Flanagan is turning the “Doctor Sleep” book into a Film. He is well known for previous films including “Oculus,” “Absentia,” Ouija: Origin of Evil,” “Before I Wake,” and more recently another King adaptation in the form of “Gerald’s Game.” The director definitely knows horror.

Sequel to ‘The Shining’

The original film, “The Shining” was made by Stanley Kubrick back in 1980 and famously starred Jack Nicholson as the unhinged and crazy Jack Torrance as the caretaker of The Overook Hotel and Shelley Duval as his wife Wendy. The film was critically acclaimed by reviewers, but Stephen King himself reportedly wasn’t too impressed with the adaptation.

Part of the story of “The Shining” involved Danny Torrance, Jack’s son, as possessing the “shining” ability, which allowed him to see supernatural events and forces dating from the hotel’s dark past.

The sequel “Doctor Sleep” will also involve Danny, who is now all grown up and will be played by actor Ewan McGregor.

Danny is, at first an alcoholic, using drink to attempt to cover his abilities. However, he comes right and becomes Doctor Sleep, who comforts dying hospice patients using his abilities. All is well until he encounters Abra, a young girl with similar abilities, who is being chased by dark forces for her “shine.”

The cast of 'Doctor Sleep'

As reported by the Mirror, besides the lead role played by Ewan McGregor, a star-studded cast has been put together for the film.

Rebecca Ferguson (“Mission: Impossible”) will play the evil Rose the Hat, who leads the supernatural and evil group dubbed the “True Knot.”

Zahn McClarnon (“Westworld”) will play Crow Daddy, another member of “True Knot.”

Carl Lumbly (“Alias”) will start in the role of Dick Halloran.

Wendy Torrance will be back in the sequel with Alex Essoe in the role formerly played by Shelly Duvall.

Meanwhile, McGregor is busy honing his character as Danny Torrance. As reported by USA Today, McGregor has no problem taking a character and playing the same character at a later age. The actor is well known for his portrayal of Obi-Wan Kenobi in the “Star Wars” prequels. He’s now ready to play the role of the grown-up Danny Torrance.

Speaking to the media for his new film “Christopher Robin,” Ewan said he didn’t see “The Shining” until he was older and he found it very scary.

McGregor said he can’t wait to take on the role of Danny and plans to rewatch the Stanley Kubrick film and is busy reading both “The Shining” and “Doctor Sleep” to get into the role.

The film "Doctor Sleep," which is set for release in January 2020, will be a major change from his sweet character in “Christopher Robin,” but there is no doubt McGregor will be ready for filming.