Ever since The Rap God released his new album, the hip-hop community has been left in disarray. A lot of so-called hip-hop fans are mad about the way Eminem called out some of the biggest names in the game, but for the real pillars of the hip-hop, this is what the “culture” needs.

Interscope Records vs Bad Boy Records

Tension is boiling right now between two of the biggest names in hip-hop history. Slim Shady who is an absolute savage in creating diss tracks certainly hits Diddy’s radar. Killshot might be a rebuttal to Machine Gun Kelly’s Rap Devil but if we are going to dissect it, most of the lines are aimed at Diddy.

For us to be able to understand the “beef” between the two, we need to further check their history and what ignited their rivalry.

When Eminem surprised the whole world with his “Kamikazee” album, it also struck a nerve to various artist and record labels. It is no secret that Em doesn’t shy away from any competition or from calling out an artist whom he thinks is underperforming. A primary example is his carrier single The Ringer. The Rap God was very clear about his message, other rappers or mumble rappers should step-up their game to elevate the culture of rap/hip-hop. Unfortunately, some artists got the message mixed up which triggered MGK to create a diss track.

To his credits, MGK did make a good diss song aimed at Eminem.

However, the song contains Hailie’s name which precipitated to Eminem writing Killshot. Several artists also questioned Diddy on why he allowed the song to be produced knowing that Eminem is ticked off every time somebody uses the name of his daughter. Also, Diddy is the one responsible in funding MGK’s diss song and is an ally of Joe Budden and Charlamange.

With that said, Eminem did the right thing which is to target the “head of the snake” which is Diddy.

Eminem vs Diddy

The Rap God threw an interesting line when he stated that the only time Machine Gun Kelly will get a hit is when Diddy will admit that he is responsible for putting out the hit that got Pac killed. Now, this might be misleading to anybody who doesn’t know the history of rap, but it is certainly one of the most controversial lines ever in a song.

Dr Dre discovered Eminem, and at the same time, Dre is best friends with Tupac. On the other hand, Notorious B.I.G or Biggie is Diddy’s confidante. The death of Tupac is still a mystery, but there is a buzz that Diddy might be involved in that day Tupac was ambushed.

Diddy’s camp didn’t like what Eminem stated and he informed Joe Budden to tell everybody that he will handle The Rap God. There is no further information yet on what Diddy means about “handling” Eminem but we are hoping that it doesn’t involve bloodletting. Diddy is very influential to a lot of organisations, especially in the black community and as other fans suggest, he might try to “blackball” Eminem.