The war of words between the two rappers have been entertaining us for the past week. It has raised some eyebrows and certainly the status of the rap culture as we speak. Eminem is arguably the “Greatest of All Time” but Machine Gun Kelly isn’t fazed by the living legend.

The GOAT has spoken

The rise of the mumble rappers certainly changed what hip-hop or rap is all about. Gone are the days when people used to hear rappers showcase their artistry by spitting some breathtaking bars. This is one of the reasons why Eminem released a surprise album, calling out rappers to step up their game.

Eminem was direct and concise about his message. Unfortunately, some of the new wave fans are having a hard time grasping what the 45-year-old was talking about.

Shady's back

When Eminem released the album titled Kamikaze, he single-handedly put the world on notice that Slim Shady is still alive within him. The first track on the album is called The Ringer. The song was basically a slap back to all who doubted Em on his Revival album. But he didn’t stop there as he listed mumble rappers like Lil Xan, Lil Yachty, Lil Pump and MGK. A lot of fans and notable artists thought that nobody would dare to respond to Eminem but MGK did.

The native son of Cleveland released his own diss track title Rap Devil, which is a direct mockery towards 'The Rap God' Slim Shady.

MGK proved that he wasn’t scared but he might have gone way too far when he mentioned Hailie which ticked Eminem. For those who aren’t familiar, the songs were released with the help of Diddy. Eminem didn’t respond as he thought that MGK’s “diss track” is pitiful. Various YouTubers such as the incredible LawTWINZ, InTheClutch Ent and Zman was begging for Eminem to return the favour to MGK which he just did.


September 14 will be remembered as the day when Eminem destroyed the YouTube record and the career of MGK. The Killshot is compared to a hurricane because of the destruction it brought to the game. Eminem didn’t use any subliminal message but was straightforward about MGK’s diss track. The Rap God didn’t only answer back, but he did it in a way to show how easy it is to destroy MGK and how easy to rap like him.

In a span of one minute in Killshot, all the accusations that MGK said in The Rap Devil have been answered. Killshot is so brutal that famous celebrities and athletes felt sorry about Machine Gun Kelly and were calling for his funeral.

Eminem was clear about his response stating that this will be the last time that he will talk about Kelly because he is not on his level. However, a few hours ago, MGK posted on his social media account about his thoughts on Killshot. He posted numbers 6-6-6 that denotes the numbers of the devil and the rating for ems song. Also, on another post, he hinted a cryptic message “BINGE EP 9.21.18”. This is expected of him as he needs to create something for a living.