Looks like Machine Gun Kelly is taking more L’s this week than expected. While doing an opening act for ‘Fall Out Boy’, the crowd brutally booed him when he started singing The Rap Devil. Although there were some fans that cheered him, the majority were heckling and did not appear to be interested in what MGK was singing.

'The Rap Devil' called out

However, in an amazing turn of events, MGK tried to bend the story. The 28-year-old posted a picture on his social media account pretending that he is with the crowd while raising his middle finger. A lot of people, including members of the media swarmed his post, but it didn’t last long.

Legions of spectators who were at the concert commented that MGK wasn’t really getting cheered on but instead he was booed.

After a couple of hours since his post, a fan video was uploaded via YouTube and it clearly shows that the crowd isn’t into Machine Gun Kelly. There are also a few things that are now established by the people who were in attendance; first, it was not MGK’s concert, but he was only scheduled as an opening act for rock band Fall Out Boy. Secondly, the crowd is totally dead and not as he portrayed in his social media account. Lastly, the self-proclaimed ‘Rap Devil’ was lip-synching while performing his diss track.

MGK's career is now over

Machine Gun Kelly might act like Eminem didn’t bother him, but based on what is happening, he just got schooled by Slim Shady.

Various names from the industry have already called out Machine Gun Kelly. They also made a mockery of his initial from “Machine Gone Kelly” to “Marshall Got Kelly”. It didn’t stop there as Stan's continuously throwing shade at MGK. There’s even one fan who created his own version of diss track towards MGK and as per reactions, the fan just lyrically destroyed the Cleveland native.

MGK involved in another incident

On the other hand, the rapper and his bodyguards were involved in another scandal when they were accused by Ozark star Gabriel Rodriguez of ganging up on him. It all started when G-Rod called out MGK face to face and calling him a coward. Machine Gun Kelly didn’t like it and their argument continued until five of his bodyguards showed up and beat up G-Rod.

During his live interview with TMZ, G-Rod stated that he was willing to fight them “mano y mano” but that clearly didn’t happen. Also, there’s no indication that the actor is going to file for any charges as he took the beating like a real man.