As if there isn’t enough killing and horror on Game of Thrones, it seems Peter Dinklage likes to play nasty pranks on the cast members. Dinklage was on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Wednesday and he opened up on several things about the show.

As anyone can imagine, filming a series like Game of Thrones can be a lengthy, difficult process, with many takes before they are happy. With a show like this, sometimes the cast has too much time on their hands and the best way to pass it can be to play an excellent prank. Also, while the show is coming to an end after season 8 next year, there is a prequel or spinoff in the offing.

Peter Dinklage plays a prank on his GOT fellow cast members

Jimmy Kimmel wanted to know if anyone on the Game of Thrones cast plays pranks and whether he joined in. Dinklage opened up to say, yes, he loves pranking fellow cast members. Peter said he likes to pretend he’s dead, adding that it is fun. Jimmy asked who he has played the prank on and he said the producers, wardrobe people, whoever.

As noted by Lad Bible, Dinklage described having his legs splayed out in his trailer.

Peter said it isn’t easy as you have to really get “smushed” on the floor in an awkward position. You would think with all the people who die in the show, he would have that totally under his control.

When asked how long he would stay like that, Dinklage said he will wait hours, especially as they have so much time on the set.

Fans are now asking if maybe he hadn’t played his deathly prank, they wouldn’t have had so long to wait between seasons.

Final season of GOT to air in 2019

Season 8 will be the final season of Game of Thrones and is set to air in 2019, much to the dismay of the show’s fans. Dinklage, and no doubt the rest of the cast, is sad that it will soon be over.

He has played the role of Tyrion Lannister for eight years and is a fan favourite for the way he manages to avoid coming to a bloody end like many other characters in the show. Dinklage has received a Golden Globe and three Primetime Emmys for his role.

Indiewire reports that Dinklage spoke about it while backstage at the Emmys, describing his last day on the GOT set. He said it was very sad, as not only was it a great TV show to be involved in, it was also like being part of an enormous family. Obviously, over such a long time, the cast got very close to each other and he said it is definitely difficult to say goodbye, not only to the show but to a life.

While Peter himself has completed production for the final season, we all have a long wait to watch it and then say goodbye to an excellent series. Production work on the season is likely to go on well into 2019, due to production delays, giving the writers more time to work on the scripts. However, with a bit of luck, season 8 of Game of Thrones will air on HBO in the summer of 2019. The season will only have six episodes, however.

Spinoff or prequel planned for Game of Thrones

However, the news is not all bad. According to Screen Rant, due to the popularity of the show, HBO is planning a spinoff or prequel to Game of Thrones that will start shooting in February next year. The new show is set to expand on George R.R. Martin’s universe but will have an entirely new cast. Hopefully, fans will love the new series as much as the one that is finally coming to an end.