It was an emotional moment on “America’s Got Talent” when British teen singer Courtney Hadwin came sixth in the finals. The talented singer has been dubbed the next Janis Joplin for her amazing rendition of the rock classics, but she didn’t win the grand prize.

When interviewed about the finals, Access Hollywood asked Courtney how she felt about going to Las Vegas, which totally took the teen by surprise, as she didn’t know about it. She will be appearing with the “AGT” finalist and winner, magician Shin Lim and other finalists in Vegas. When asked what she was doing after the show, Courtney said she would be enjoying some well-deserved ice cream with her family.

Courtney Hadwin and coming sixth on ‘AGT’

When she was interviewed about her loss in the finals, Courtney said she was sad, but that it certainly wasn’t the end. With the news that she is heading to Las Vegas with Shin Lim and other finalists, that certainly seems to be the fact. The talented teenager is only just beginning her quest for stardom. The Metro is reporting that Hadwin would make "six-figures" after her performance on the show.

The teenager, who hails from Hesleden in County Durham, thrilled the audience during the finals of "AGT" on Wednesday, blasting out her version of Tina Turner’s song “River Deep, Mountain High.” Hadwin also sang with a UK band, The Struts, blasting out a cover version of Janis Joplin’s “Piece Of My Heart.” While her performance was, as usual, stunning, Courtney didn’t win the $1 million (£760,785) grand prize and came sixth on the show.

Courtney Hadwin heading for Las Vegas

As reported by the Daily Mail, Hadwin will enjoy a short residency in Las Vegas with the first-place winner, magician, 26-year-old Shin Lim. The news was reported by “America’s Got Talent” on Thursday, but when Courtney was interviewed by Access Hollywood after the finals, she didn’t know and got the surprise of her young life.

In the interview below, the magician believed Courtney would be the winner.

Courtney will be joining four of the other finalists on "America's Got Talent," in Las Vegas including Duo Transcend, the thrilling trapeze artists, Brian King Joseph with his electric violin, and two comedians, Vicki Barbolak and Samuel J. Conroe. They will all perform four shows from the 2nd November to the 4th of November this year.

The married trapeze artists, Duo Transcend, came in eighth, while Joseph, 27, came third. Comroe, the 30-year-old comedian with Tourette’s syndrome came fourth, while 60-year-old Barbolak was in the 10th position in the finals.

With such a great and varied combination, the Las Vegas shows are sure to be spectacular and will no doubt further the careers of all the “America’s Got Talent” contestants involved.