One Piece” Chapter 908 will begin with Shanks talking to Gorosei about a pirate. According to Christian Today, "Otakukart says they're not sure which pirate it is, whether Blackbeard or Luffy or another." As fans were surprised by the appearance of Big Mom and Kaido, viewers can expect to see a lot of twists and turns in the events of the upcoming chapter.

Shanks’ surprising appearance

Fans didn’t expect Shanks to appear suddenly in “One Piece” chapter 907, so it was considered to be the most interesting event of the installment. The red-haired guy surprisingly came into the room where the Gorosei was located.

This made fans wonder why he suddenly appeared in the series.

In “One Piece” chapter 908, Shanks will be seen talking to Gorosei about a pirate. Although some fans believed that it could be Luffy, according to OtakuKart, it could be the Rocks’ captain; the one Garp was talking about.

To recall, in the previous chapter, Garp was talking to Hina, Chaton, Momousagi, Full body, and Django at the Red Port about Rocks. The Rocks are thought to be a legendary crew that solely ruled the seas 40 years before. They were succeeded by Gol D Roger, but Whitebeard and Shiki also ruled the seas at the time. So, the Gorosei might be already aware that the Rocks existed.

Who Shanks really is

According to Nerd4Life, Shanks is Roger’s favorite.

This might be the reason that he gets his straw hat. He is described as a logical person, who doesn’t engage in pointless trouble. This just means that he is doing everything to keep the power in the world balance to prevent another war from happening.

Shanks inherited Gol D. Roger’s determination and has wanted to put an end to what Roger couldn’t do.

So, he is working as a double agent to keep the peace and order. He continuously checks Blackbear until he finally succeeds in helping Luffy.

This just debunks the theory that Shanks is evil. With a lot of good deeds he did in the past, from sacrificing his arm for Luffy and saving him twice from death, he could be helping the master of the Straw Hat in “One Piece” chapter 908.

Other chapter 908 events

In “One Piece” chapter 908, the much-awaited start of the Reverie will finally happen, according to Primadonna. The Poneglyphs might be explored this time since Oda didn’t give much information about it.

Fans, too, are still puzzled by the mysterious straw hat revealed in chapter 906. As they are looking for some answers, they are hoping it will be tackled in the upcoming installment. In addition, the existence of the Revolutionary Army might be felt after three to four chapters.

One Piece” chapter 908 will be released on June 18.